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5 Lwowska tenement house – a Tuscan note in the heart of Warsaw

The tenement house at 5 Lwowska Street is one of the most representative buildings standing on this downtown street. Most of the buildings here luckily survived the Second World War, so that today we can admire the former craftsmanship of the architects of the time.

The tenement house was erected in 1931 for Stronczyński, Bojarski and Company, a large construction company whose president was Karol Stronczyński, an engineer. The six-storey house has a brick-filled reinforced concrete structure and fireproof ceilings. The top floor consists of two superstructures and a terrace between them.

The building is embellished with two rectangular bays with unusually wide, six-pane windows and, in the upper storey, triple windows closed with a semicircle. These give the whole a “Tuscan” impression. Above them, pseudo-Attic balconies are placed, with balconies with bar balustrades standing out in between. The façade is decorated with rustication on the lower part and Italianate decorations on the bay windows.

A glazed gateway leads into the building and the floor of the vestibule is tiled in light, fine terracotta. Further back is the entrance to the staircase, which is finished in terrazzo. The railing balustrade is made of vertical bars. 5 Lwowska Street also has a lift. A single-bay annex was built in the courtyard, with large windows and a simpler façade than the front one. In autumn 2012, a right-hand superstructure, analogous to the one on the left, was added on the top floor.

Source: nepomuki.pl

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