A flat with a view of Prague. The wooden ceiling plays a major role here

The flat is 88 sq m and is located in the new Smíchov Neugraf residential complex in Prague, Czech Republic. The space was designed by architect Iva Hájková, who runs her own design office. The owners wanted their living space to relate to nature, so they opted for a wooden ceiling.

The building is located on a post-industrial site, and its design was inspired by industrial buildings and directly by the historic building of the old printing house located in the neighbourhood. Industrial motifs can be seen in the prominence of the concrete, the use of dark windows, the simple and grey façade and the metal elements that decorate the entire building. The building is raw and visually clean.

The Smíchov district with its modern office buildings, bustling with surrounding infrastructure and fast-paced life, is not conducive to an atmosphere of cosiness,” describes the designer of the flat.

The space she designed was intended to break through this coldness. The team from Iva Hajkova Studio was tasked with creating a pleasant and calm space using natural materials. The interior was to be warm and create a welcoming homely atmosphere. Attractive large windows provide views of the roofs and facades of old townhouses, trees and the sky. Such a landscape is conducive to relaxation and tranquillity.

For investors who love hiking in the midst of nature, yet live in a big city, this flat is like a cottage in the city. This feeling is fostered by the omnipresent wood, which adorns the floor and ceiling. Other elements are kept in a minimalist colour scheme: white, black and shades of grey.

The wood gives the interior a warm cosiness. The architects also used other natural materials. The stone slab in the kitchen has chips on the edges, the ceramic lamps were handmade especially for this interior. Their imperfections are an asset here. In addition, black elements appeared in the space – a metal bookcase, a chandelier and handles.

designed by Iva Hajkova Studio, www.ivahajkova.cz

photos: KUBICEK.STUDIO, www.kubicek.studio

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