A historic Wrocław monastery will be turned into a hotel. This is another investment from Arche Group

Arche Klasztor Wrocław Hotel – this is the name under which the next facility belonging to the Arche group will operate. The latest investment is a newly adapted Wrocław monastery at 64-66 Kasprowicza Avenue in Wrocław’s Karłowice district.The hotel is expected to open in June 2024

The Arche Group is offering condo hotel rooms of between 16 and 50 square metres in its new development. The development consists of a three-storey edifice, which will house around 85 rooms, while the remaining 40 flats will be created in two separate historic buildings. The monastery park will also be replaced by small residential buildings. In addition, the investment includes the renovation of the 4.5 ha internal park

The historic Wrocław monastery after its conversion into a hotel. Photo: arche.pl

The history of the brick building dates back to the end of the 19th century. It was built between 1896 and 1898 to a design by Joseph Ebers. The building housed an all-female secondary school and a boarding house for, among others, female students of the school run by the Ursuline order. It was also a place for leisure and recreation. A park and a cemetery were established next to the building for the nuns, who gardened there. In 1907, St Joseph’s House was added to the building, and in the inter-war period further buildings were added to accommodate a secondary school for women, a boarding school and a kindergarten. During the Second World War, the complex was used as a military hospital and later for a short time as a primary school. Part of the main building was returned to the church in 1957. The cemetery was decommissioned in 2008

Photo: arche.pl

Now, the neo-Gothic historic buildings will gain new life and functions. Their facades will be meticulously restored and the interiors will be adapted to their new functions, respecting the historic character. Many elements from the complex’s heyday have been preserved, and although they are bitten by the tooth of time, they will not leave the monastery walls. There are beautiful mosaics in most of the corridors and original ceramic tiles on the floor. In addition, a lot of window and door carpentry has been preserved, which the developer also wants to display

The property with the historic buildings has been owned by Arche since 2016. The developer bought the property for just under PLN 13 million from the Marshal’s Office of the Lower Silesian Voivodeship. Four years earlier, a children’s hospital – the Janusz Korczak Lower Silesian Paediatric Centre – had moved out of there

Source: arche.pl, wroclaw.pl, urbanity.pl

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