A house in Greater Poland like a modern barn

The building was built in a green area and looks as if it has stood there for decades. However, the house in Wielkopolska is a completely new building. The owners wanted it to fit in with the landscape of the region, hence the unusual form. The design of the building was created at the TXMA studio of arch. Tomasz Mielczyński.

The architect was approached by the investors, who wanted their house to resemble an old barn adapted for residential purposes. They wanted to live in a building steeped in the tradition of brick country house construction in Wielkopolska. At the same time, the building had to be modern and functional.

The façade of the building is distinguished by the rhythm of plain red brick, with masonry details or window joinery proportions characteristic of this material. Part of the façade is distinguished by the large garage doors, which are reminiscent of an ‘old barn’ door. The proportions of the building itself are taken from existing historical examples. An interesting colour accent to the façade is the maroon colour of the windows, which was proposed by the owner.

The house consists of two parts. The two blocks have been shifted in relation to each other and are intended for different functions – residential and commercial. The division is visible on the outside. In the northern, economic part, a garage, utility and technical rooms have been created. The southern part is intended for residential functions. In addition to the living space, the owners’ master bedroom with ancillary rooms is designed here, and guest rooms are located in the attic.

The link between the two parts is a multifunctional, glazed vestibule, which in addition to its communicative function can also serve as a garden veranda. It is enough to open the huge windows to free up space. The glass walls hide behind the façade, which makes an attractive contribution to the appearance of the building. It is the ideal place to hold parties.

In total, the house is 600 square metres.

project: TXMA – Tomasz aleXander Mielczyński Architekt

design team: arch. Tomasz Mielczyński – Chief Designer, arch. Jakub Mietliński, arch. Piotr Lutomski

photography: Wojciech Robakowski; Robakowski Studio(https://robakowskistudio.pl)

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