A kindergarten doesn’t have to be colourful. This is how our neighbours design

Kindergartens in the Polish landscape are most often associated with colourful, often motley facades and images of cartoon characters that children like. The Czechs have shown that things can be different and, by designing such a kindergarten, have reminded us that a sense of aesthetics should be formed from an early age.

The minimalist nursery school was designed by Radomír Grafek of RG architects studio. The building is located in the town of Varnsdorf. It is a single-storey building built using bricks and designed with an elliptical ground plan. This treatment created a green atrium with trees in the middle. The kindergarten is covered by a flat, green roof. Its shape resulted from an analysis of the neighbouring buildings and the conditions (or constraints) offered by the corner plot.

The organic shape of the building is intended to symbolise openness, freedom of movement, harmony and beauty. Healthy ‘food’ for the human spirit.

The building is heavily glazed. This gives the rooms a lot of natural light. The space has been divided into two sections. Each can accommodate 25 children. Inside, there are the necessary sanitary facilities, a catering area and a multi-purpose room. The latter was created for physical activities and parties. Outside kindergarten opening hours, it can also be used for cultural events. The room is separated from the adjacent rooms by movable sliding panels. It is sufficient to move a piece of wall to adjust the size to current needs.

Classrooms and playrooms have also been created in the interior. These rooms feature modest furniture with toy shelves and drawers to keep things tidy.

The architect designed a bright interior. The grey floor is visually warmed by furniture in light birch plywood. It is a space that does not shout. On the contrary. It allows you to achieve peace and relaxation.

photos: BoysPlayNice, www.boysplaynice.com

design: RG architects studio

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