A modern barn in Kashubia. The interior is a kingdom of white

The house, like a modern barn, was built in Kashubia. Its interior was designed by the owner of SMart studio Sylwia Brzeska (Choszcz). The designer opted for timeless solutions consisting of natural materials and neutral colours.

The owners of the house are Iza and Bartek. An unusual cat is also a tenant. The investors previously lived in Gdańsk, but decided to make their dream come true. They moved out to a house in the countryside, which overlooks a lake. The building with its functional layout was designed by the owners themselves, so modification of the layout was minimal. The premise of the interior design was to create a modern and timeless space that would still look attractive over the years. To achieve this effect, the designer used natural materials and high-quality furniture. The colour scheme is neutral and provides a base that gives way to the views outside the windows.

The main life takes place in the living area. This is a large space that consists of a living room connected to the kitchen and a dining room. It is a place where incredible glazing connects the interior with the surrounding landscape, and a mezzanine floor above the living and dining room allows you to experience a sense of closeness to nature.

In the living room, a low sofa does not obscure the view, but its form invites you in and encourages you to relax by the fireplace. The dining room is dominated by a wooden table planned to seat 8-10 people. Right next to it is the bright kitchen with a veneered and milled oak island, where the homeowners cook together. Thekitchen worktops are made of beautiful, natural and low-maintenance marble, whose amazing pattern is a real eye-catcher,” describes the designer.

The bathroom on the ground floor is a small but comfortable space. The juxtaposition of different material textures enlivened this neutral and unobtrusive interior. White tile with a delicate three-dimensional effect was juxtaposed with tile of a stronger colour and a clearly perceptible texture and pattern imitating fabric. The white furniture is concealed by the cabinets and the toilet rack. The free-standing wash basin is a distinctive feature that is visible as soon as you enter the bathroom.

The private area was created on the first floor. A wooden carpet staircase leads there, topped by openwork dividers made of lacquered steel flat bars. These elements on the first floor take the form of a balustrade.

Sylwia Brzeska (Choszcz)

Once upstairs, the spacious mezzanine area and the view of the lake in the distance appear to the eye. The mezzanine is a private area for the homeowners to spend time by the goat, immersing themselves in reading.

The architect designed the investors’ bathroom in the room behind the mezzanine. Its size and layout allow for full and comfortable use. There is a free-standing bathtub facing the window and a functional wall unit with two washbasins. The designer proposed an oak veneer built-in, which conceals a capacious wardrobe and a toilet rack. Tiles imitating fabric in texture and pattern add warmth and cosiness.

The designer’s dialogue with the homeowners and the involvement of both parties in the project resulted in a pleasant, thoughtful and functional interior, particularly suited to the needs of its occupants. The modern barn has become their best place to live.


About the studio:

SMart studio Sylwia Brzeska (Choszcz) is a private and commercial interior design studio run by Sylwia Brzeska (Choszcz), a graduate of Gdansk University of Technology (Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning). Sylwia also studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk. She has been running her studio since 2016, but has been involved with interiors for many years. For as long as she can remember she has paid attention to space, interiors and details. In design, she is open to new challenges, new ideas, people and their needs. The most important qualities she follows in design are honesty, simplicity and functionality. She values natural materials and quality. In addition to interior design, she fulfils herself with furniture design, and in her spare time she absorbs books and paints abstractions.

design: Sylwia Brzeska (Choszcz) – SMart studio(http://www.studio-smart.pl)

photography: Tom Kurek(https://tomkurek.co)

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