A new development in Poznań’s Jeżyce district. The building will stand on the corner of two streets

Constructa Plus will build a new building in Poznań’s Jeżyce district, on the corner of Poznańska and Wąska streets. Construction work will start in mid-July and the general contractor will be Demiurg. The Litoborski & Partners office is responsible for the project.

The building will contain 52 flats with areas ranging from 25 to 105 m² and six commercial units ranging from 43 to 90 m². In addition, there will be a garage hall, storerooms and a bicycle room. The building is visually divided into two parts with different colours, with the top floors reaching almost three metres in height. The façade will feature glazed loggias and vertical greenery on the lighter part of the block. The flats on the courtyard side will be equipped with external roller shutters. The interiors of the common areas are being designed by OYKA Studio.


“The building is visually divided into two parts, with different colours. The darker part connects the adjacent tracts and closes the axis of Poznanska Street. The sloping bay windows are intended to make the body of the building more dynamic, alluding to the Jizera architectural motifs. The lighter part, complemented by a green façade, will be visible from the perspective of Żurawia Street, responding to the contemporary challenges and needs of the users of the space. The entire composition is closed by a pocket park designed in the adjacent square. The greenery of the new trees and shrubs, although covering a small area, is intended to complement the existing plantings and, together with the building, slightly colour the spatial landscape of Jeżyce” – says Professor Piotr Marciniak, co-author of the project.

The plot in Jeżyce today and in the future. Photo: constructa.com.pl and Google Maps

“The investment at Poznańska Street is already the fourth project we have carried out in Jeżyce. In our opinion, of all Poznań districts, they have the most style and charm. They offer the best of city life – the energy of social gatherings, neighbourhood communities, the unquestionable beauty of their surroundings, and a whole kaleidoscope of ways of spending leisure time. Jeżyce attracts us with its fascinating combination of old and new. The beautiful Art Nouveau houses and local traditions are old. What is new is the inhabitants’ lifestyle – dynamic, colourful, bicycle-oriented and very friendly. The investment at Poznańska and Wąska Streets is our next link between history and modernity,” – reads the project website.

The offer of flats and units is not yet available, but is expected to appear soon.

Source: constructa.com.pl

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