Pastelowe wnętrze

A pastel interior full of curves and natural materials. Here is the new project by Hanna Pietras Architects

Architect Hanna Pietras and her team have designed an unusually warm space, where beautiful colours come to the fore and the whole is complemented by curves. The pastel interior was designed with a mature woman in mind, who, after years of professional success, is starting a completely new phase in her life and is enjoying it while living in the city.

The highlight of this 67 sq m project was to create a space that is alive. Neither the investor nor the team at Hanna Pietras Architects imagined a subdued interior in shades of brown. Here, colour and form were important from the outset.

Hidden workspace

Architect Hanna Pietras and her team had to design a spacious hall, a bathroom, a bedroom, a kitchen and a living room in which a workspace was a must – despite her retirement, the owner is still professionally active.
“We very often meet clients in their home space to see what they like and don’t like, to get a sneak peek at how they live. A lot of people think that moving to a new flat will change them too, but yet it doesn’t always work out that way. As a rule, people have a lot of habits that are hard to fight and it’s a waste of time. My role as an architect is to shape the new space of the house in such a way that it naturally enforces certain behaviours while respecting the habits,’ says Hanna Pietras.

Pastelowe wnętrze

In the case of this project, the inspiration for the design was colour, or more precisely the eclectic combinations of the owner’s tastes and positive colour vibes. The team at Hanna Pietras Architects had a free hand. The client was familiar with the studio’s designs, knew that eclecticism was close to them and that they liked all kinds of variations on this theme. This interior is eminently eclectic. Very different materials, textures, colours and, above all, a combination of different styles appear here, e.g. a modern bed with an antique cabinet and a slightly loft-like wall lamp. In the living room, there is room for an antique chest of drawers, which the client wanted. It was juxtaposed with a colourful sofa and a peplite armchair, so that it is visible and not hidden in a corner.

“For our client, space was key. She had moved from a large house and was keen that she didn’t feel so much difference in the flat,” – says Hanna Pietras. “Another need that was identified quite precisely was work space, but hidden. The guideline was that necessarily the space had to be closed off, because there would be a lot of private touches on it. Here we proposed a sliding-open door, so that we can cover it up at any time with a flick of the wrist.” – adds the architect.

Rounded forms add lightness

Pastels dominate the interior, the combination of blue and pink brings freshness to the space, but it is also worth noting how these shades work perfectly with vintage elements, such as the chest of drawers in the living room. These colours also provide a great backdrop for the many accessories that are in this interior. Memorabilia, prints, flowers and books, these are elements that add life to the interior and show the character of the owner. One cannot fail to mention the kitchen, or rather the kitchen island, which in a way steals the spotlight. This is due to its highly original leg.

Pastelowe wnętrze

“It was a flash in the pan! We couldn’t find an idea for the island and built various concepts around it for a long time. The main idea came when we said that necessarily the wood had to break up the colour. And there we have it! I like moments like this – then our imagination really has no limits and such beautiful things come out of our deliberations,’ says Hanna Pietras – says Hanna Pietras.

Roundness adds lightness and fluidity to an interior. Particularly in small spaces, they help to visually enlarge them. As Hanna Pietras says, ‘the most beautiful thing about them is that they add character and an eclectic touch’. The entire interior is unusually warm but also elegant, thanks to the materials used: oak veneer, quartz sinter on the worktops and kitchen wall, and oak parquet. And the structured wallpaper is an extremely decorative addition. All of this makes the pastel interior cohesive and a beautiful illustration for the definition of eclecticism.

Design: Hanna Pietras, Aleksandra Pluta
Photography and styling: Follow The Flow Studio

Hanna Pietras Architects is a boutique architecture studio for luxury private and commercial (medical, hotel) interiors established in 2012 – a unique place on the design map of Łódź. In her creative process, Hanna Pietras is guided by the belief that beauty and harmony elude finite definitions, rigid frameworks and established schemes. She enjoys experimenting with colour and form, breaking conventions, combining styles, being inspired by trends but not succumbing to them. She designs interiors that resonate with the energy of their owners and allow them to feel at ease.

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Theme: pastel interior full of curves and natural materials. Here is the new project by Hanna Pietras Architects

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