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A pocket park has been created in Poznań’s Jeżyce district. Its construction was decided by the residents of

The pocket park, which was built at the junction of Kassyusza and Galla Anonima streets, is the realisation of the winning project of the Poznań Civic Budget “A whole wuchta zieleni dla Jeżyce!”, which received more than 1,200 votes. The authors of the project argued that Jeżyce, apart from new residential quarters and asphalt, needs green spaces between buildings. Due to the compactness of the district, local squares and small parks would be ideal.

As part of the project, part of the pavement at the junction of Kassyusza and Galla Anonima streets was resurfaced. In an area of approximately 500 square metres, 21 trees such as ambrosia, lime trees, maples and plane trees were planted, as well as many flowering shrubs and perennials, chosen to please the residents for most of the year. A square with benches has been built at the central point of the park, allowing residents to socialise or relax among the greenery, for example when returning from the shop. A pedestrian crossing has also been retained, with textured mats installed for the blind and visually impaired.

Photo Bartosz Jankowski / ZDM

The implementation of the project has significantly improved the aesthetics of the district’s space. Residents and passers-by have gained a place where they can rest, and the additional greenery helps lower the temperature on hot days and improve rainwater retention.

“As the City, we have been successively carrying out street greening activities for many years, as well as decongesting space for greenery. Space that is not used on a daily basis by traffic users or has no other function,” – says Mariusz Wisniewski, Deputy Mayor of Poznań.

“The recently created pocket park at the junction of Galla Anonima and Kassyusza streets is also another example of our cooperation with the local community on such tasks, in this case from Jeżyce, which came up with a proposal for such an action as part of the Poznań Civic Budget. We will continue such activities in various parts of Poznań,” concludes and announces Mariusz Wisniewski.

The total cost of the investment was almost PLN 670,000, of which more than PLN 300,000 came from the funds of the Poznań Civic Budget.


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