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A postcard from Danzig: the original decoration of a former butcher’s shop takes you back in time

In Gdańsk’s Orunia district, at 2 Gościnna Street, there is a detached, eclectic tenement house of the Borzechowski family, built in 1892. For many years, the ground floor of the building has been home to a vegetable stall, the interior of which is awe-inspiring at first sight and almost takes you back in time. This impression is created by the original decoration of the premises: antique tiles, metal hooks and other decorative elements which have survived from the pre-war equipment of the butcher’s shop which once operated here. The premises are owned by Gdańskie Nieruchomości.

“Warzywniak Oruński” has been operating in the tenement standing on the corner of Gościnna Street and Traktu św. Wojciecha since 2013. Previously, there was a butcher’s shop here, and later a fish shop. The interior of the premises has original preserved Art Nouveau ceramic tiles by Villeroy & Boch with geometric and floral motifs, antique hooks, facets, as well as wooden elements and stucco decorations on the ceiling. The floor is covered with tiled flooring laid in a classical pattern, and the back of the premises is a deep cellar that has been preserved.

oryginalny wystrój

The Borzechowski building itself attracts attention with a facade restored a few years ago. The central part of the baluster decoration covering the roof bears the date of the building’s construction and the name of the owner: 1892 A. Borzechowski. The interiors of the one-storey tenement house conceal, among other things, an antique staircase made of wood or the original entrance door to both the building and the vegetable shop. According to the shop’s owner, Dariusz Labus, his premises are frequented by a large number of customers, but there is no shortage of guided tours to travel back in time to pre-war Danzig.

oryginalny wystrój

Such souvenirs of pre-war times are extremely rare today. The interiors have been destroyed or rebuilt over the course of many years of complicated history, with the result that very few of them have survived. This is what makes the original interior of the premises on Gościnna Street in the Gdańsk district of Orunia so valuable and unique. Despite its good state of preservation, it is in need of renovation and proper treatment of the historical elements in order to bring out even more of their beauty and restore the interior to its former coherent appearance.

Source: Gdańskie Nieruchomości

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