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A restaurant like a Japanese game. The décor of the restaurant draws on the pop culture of the Land of the Cherry Blossom

Ramencraft is not just a restaurant, it is more than that: a complex architectural and gastronomic experience that combines tradition with modernity, bringing a new dimension to the Prague restaurant market. The interior of the restaurant looks like a Japanese game combined with other elements of the country’s pop culture.

Located in the heart of Prague, the restaurant offers a unique combination of elements of Japanese culture, the world of gaming with 8-bit graphics and popular culture. The project stems from the investors’ passion for the Land of the Cherry Blossom, which is expressed in the entire concept of the premises.

japońska gra

A key element of the graphic design is the pixels present in the interior, including on the tiles at the entrance, depicting ‘Czezilla’ as a symbol of the Czech approach to the Japanese cultural phenomenon. This visual element is an original way of combining the world of games with traditional Japanese culture, which gives the restaurant’s guests the impression of being in a vintage-style game when they cross the threshold.

japońska gra

The strongly contrasting colour combination of blue and bright red, interspersed in a clever way throughout the restaurant’s interior, gives it energy and liveliness. These colours not only refresh the space, but also emphasise the atmosphere of the quick meals that the Ramencraft restaurant offers.

japońska gra

The Ramencraft concept itself is a new take on ramen as a form of ‘fast food’. Guests can choose their favourite version of ramen at the counter and then find the right place to eat it. They can opt for a table at the front of the restaurant, in separate ‘booths’ that provide intimacy for tasting the soup, or at the back of the premises, where they can immerse themselves among the expressive graphics and decorations and experience the authentic world of old Japanese games.

Studio: SOA architekti
Authors: Štefan Šulek, Lucia Kráľ
Location: Veleslavínova 59/3, Prague, Czech Republic
Year of completion: 2024
Photographer: Studio Flusser

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Theme: a restaurant like a Japanese game. The décor of the restaurant draws on the pop culture of the Land of the Cherry Blossom

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