A shelter like an elegant flat. It is supposed to survive cataclysms

The Scorpio House project by BXB studio is an example of architecture that meets the challenges of the future. The shelter, like an elegant flat, gives shelter but also allows it to be used on a daily basis. It is the architects’ idea to use the extra space not only in difficult moments.

The team of architects prepared the design taking into account engineering, technological and aesthetic considerations. A shelter designed in this way is meant to survive even a nuclear threat. However, the architects did not want to create a typical bunker. Their shelter is to be used on a day-to-day basis and act as an extension of the house that is on the surface. Hence the idea to arrange the space as a wine bar, home cinema or spa, for example. At the same time, it is a space with NBC (nuclear, biological and chemical) resistance, which provides security in the event of pandemics, disasters and war.

The Scorpion is the largest creature on the planet that can survive a nuclear attack, hence the name of our system. We first started work on a traditional shelter of over 400m2 in 2014, with the completion of a large residence. Over the following years, we observed the reluctance and hesitation of our clients as to the advisability of investing considerable money in the construction of a shelter that, by design, is never intended to be useful. Hence, the idea was born to redefine the concept of a shelter as a luxury, more accessible and multifunctional product. This is how Scorpio House was created on the basis of experience and extensive expertise. Scorpio House is a project on which the entire BXB studio team worked, both the technical department, the creative department, the interior design department and the managerial-administrative department. Today we can confidently say that we are an architectural office specialising in designing not only traditional buildings, houses and residences, but also shelters,’ says arch. Bogusław Barnaś.

The technology used in the design of the Scorpio House shelter is hidden and imperceptible when using the space on a daily basis. The interior is friendly, full of light, natural materials and greenery. The architects dispensed with the idea of imitating window openings and instead wanted to create a sense of comfort through the play of light. Through appropriately designed openwork, laths and ceilings in the shelter, the mood of the morning, afternoon, evening or night can be felt. This happens through the right intensity and colour.

The individual rooms have universal functionality. Through quick and easy configuration for the user, it can serve as a bedroom, wine cellar, meeting place and home cinema at the same time, for example. The small-scale variants of the Scorpio House have ergonomic space optimised through elaborate arrangements and appropriately selected furniture.

Our project touches on an important social issue. With the Scorpio House system, we are changing the emotional character of this type of negatively coloured architecture. One could say that we are disenchanting the dark bunkers of war, giving the shelters a human, common and accessible dimension. Scorpio House completely reverses the idea of shelters and even builds a fashion for owning them. This, in turn, will contribute to grassroots activity in the form of private investment in such facilities, which will significantly increase the security of the social fabric in our country in the event of emergencies, not only armed attack but also extreme weather events or pandemics,” adds Bogusław Barnaś.

The issue of building private shelters is about to become legal. The draft amendment to the Construction Law has been included in the list of legislative and programme works of the government. The Ministry of Development and Technology is working on the draft amendment.

source: BXB studio(www.bxbstudio.com)

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35 sq m variant:

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