A single-family house near Toruń. It was designed by Sebastian Marach.

The single-family house near Toruń is a single-storey house for a family of four with a built-up area of 340 square metres. The house, with the characteristics of a modern barn, is clad in natural materials – brick and wood, inspired by the forest surrounding the plot.

In this way, the coherence of the surroundings with the designed building was maintained. The elongated layout (parallel to the longer boundary of the forest) allows the interiors to remain intimate from the access road, while opening them up to the garden and surrounding nature. The rear elevation is broken by an overhanging block, which accentuates the functional division into technical and residential areas, bringing the rooms as close as possible to the forest. Among other things, the protruding section is designed as a recreational space overlooking the forest.

The glazing of the wall next to this space has become an important detail affecting the perception of the entire building. The modernity of the solutions adopted is emphasised by the glazing on the gable wall in the living area and the white frames in the entrance and terrace area, which provide a kind of closure to the body of the building.

Project description
Name: Single-family house near Toruń
Category: Architecture
Area: 340 m2
Date of completion: 12/2023
Team: architect Sebastian Marach / http://yonoarchitecture.com
Photography: Nate Cook Photography / https://natecookphotography.com/

About the architects:
YONO ARCHITECTURE is the original design studio of architect Sebastian Marach, specialising in architecture and interior design. The studio carries out projects throughout Poland. More projects and realisations by YONO ARCHITECTURE can be found on our website by clicking HERE: https://www.whitemad.pl/?s=Yono

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