A summer house in Ostrowitem. Its construction was made of wood!

The holiday home in Ostrowitem was designed by Sebastian Marach of YONO Architecture. The project presents a modern holiday home, located on a picturesque plot with direct access to a lake. The lie of the land, characterised by a significant slope, determined the foundation of the structure on pillars, which further emphasises the lightness and modernity of the building.

Minimalist in form, the building was designed with a homogeneous material, stone slate, which covers both the roof and the walls, creating a coherent and aesthetically pleasing whole. The shape of the building is the result of an interpretation of the zoning decision, which provided for a pitched roof without specifying the direction of the main ridge. The entrance area is distinguished by a “slit” in the mass, which at the same time clearly marks the functional division inside the building.

The floor plan of the building was designed in an L-shape, which allows the residents to enjoy beautiful views of the lake from both the living area and the bedrooms. The interior of the building includes a spacious living area with a kitchenette, a comfortable bedroom, two smaller rooms, a bathroom and technical rooms, providing all the necessary functions for a comfortable holiday.

The structure of the building, above the foundations, was made using cross-laminated timber technology (CLT), which guarantees high strength and durability, while fitting in with modern ecological trends. How do you like the summer house in Ostrowitem?

Projectname: Project of a summerhouse in Ostrowitem
Category: Architecture
Area: 96.5 m2
Date of completion: 12/2025
Team: architect Sebastian Marach, architect Sandra Bogucka
Visualisations: GID Studio

About the architects:
YONO ARCHITECTURE is the original design studio of architect Sebastian Marach, specialising in architecture and interior design. The studio carries out projects throughout Poland. More projects and realisations by YONO ARCHITECTURE can be found on our website by clicking HERE: https://www.whitemad.pl/?s=Yono

source: http://yonoarchitecture.com / Visualisations: GID Studio

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