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A three-storey building in Wrocław a monument? The conservator has received an application

The application to register the building as a monument was submitted by the housing association. We previously reported that the Trzonolinowiec was in a terrible state of repair.The entry on the register is intended to enable it to apply for funding for renovation

The application to enter the Trzonolinowiec into the register of monuments was submitted to the Provincial Conservator of Monuments. The document was submitted by the housing association that owns the building. The fact that the property owner has submitted the document is expected to speed up the whole procedure. A decision is expected within a month

The housing association hopes that placing the building under legal protection will enable it to apply for additional funds to carry out renovations. In January this year, the state building inspector commissioned the community to provide an opinion on the technical condition of the building’s structural elements. In a letter issued on 24 July, we could read that the building is in a terrible technical condition

In its current state, the building should be emptied as soon as possible, the residents evacuated, the site secured and a plan drawn up for repair or demolition, the document read

It turned out that the survey done at the time was not a complete expert opinion and a more detailed analysis of the building’s technical condition is required

It does not contain any calculations and figures, it does not include a check of the actual condition of individual structural elements, in particular load-bearing cables, and it does not justify the emptying of the building, reports Przemysław Samocki, district building inspector

The inspector ordered a re-inspection of the building’s condition

Trzonolinowiec is a building located at 72 Tadeusza Kościuszki Street in Wrocław. Its design was prepared by architects Jacek Burzyński and Andrzej Skorupa. The building is 41 metres high, has 11 storeys and was built in 1967. It is distinguished by its unique construction on a reinforced concrete core, which transfers the vertical load to the base. The building’s ceilings are suspended by twelve steel cables that run from the top and transfer the load to the shaft. It is one of the few residential buildings of its kind in Europe. Inside, 44 flats have been created

The residential building was constructed from the top. First the ceilings were assembled at ground level and then hoisted to the target height with the help of hydraulic jacks

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source: UM Wrocław, www.wroclaw.pl

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