A tribute to wetlands. A wetland restoration centre designed by a student

The marshland restoration centre would promote the restoration of the diversity of fauna and flora and enable tourists to learn about the importance of wetlands for the environment. To this end, a design for a building was created that allows observation of the nature of the Przemków Landscape Park.

The project ‘Education and research centre with a museum section in the Przemkow Landscape Park. Marsh restoration” was prepared by Adam Struski, a student of the Faculty of Architecture at Wrocław University of Technology. He prepared the concept under the supervision of Dr Grażyna Hryncewicz-Lamber.

Adam Struski’s project won a distinction in the Wrocław stage of the Zbyszek Zawistowski Annual Award “Diploma of the Year” 2024, a competition organised jointly by the Association of Polish Architects – Wrocław branch and the Faculty of Architecture at Wrocław University of Technology.

In its conception, the site would allow to spread public awareness in the context of environmental protection and to counteract the further process of wetland drainage. Their scarcity or absence can have a negative impact on the ecosystem. Adam Struski set the centre in the village of Ostaszów. Visitors will find there exhibition spaces, a programme with educational activities and workshops. An interesting feature would be field trips, where participants could watch animals and observe plants. The building itself would be a kind of gateway to the Przemkowskie Bagno ecological site and the Stawy Przemkowskie Nature Reserve.

Itis important not only to observe, but also to experience the marshes directly, as this is the key factor leading to an awareness of the reasons for the degradation of these areas and an understanding of the need for their protection,” reads a statement by a student on the website of the Wrocław University of Technology.

What is interesting about the whole concept is the structure proposed by the student. The building, like a hunting pulpit, would float on stilts. The façade is designed in planks. The designer allows for the possibility of using other natural materials. Another curiosity is the footbridge leading to the centre. The designer wants to build it in a hollow, so that visitors can see a cross-section of the different layers of marsh soil.

In total, the marsh restoration centre would consist of two parts. The first would be permanent and the second in the form of a floating platform. The height of the latter would change according to the water level. Importantly, the entire complex will not be heated and admission is expected to be free.

Inside, visitors would be able to see exhibitions showing the process of drying ecosystems, exhibits on climatology and an exhibition on the region’s endangered species.

Thecentre would also encourage people to walk through the marsh, providing a place to change shoes and offering outdoor exhibitions with sloping forms that would allude to the characteristics and stability of the marsh, according to the Wrocław University of Technology website.

design: Adam Struski

source: Wrocław Universityof Technology

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