A villa with a pavilion on the water. It was built for one of the richest Poles

Lakefront Residence is a project developed by Krzysztof Jachowicz and Jakub Wisniewski of JMW Architekci and their team. The magnificent villa they designed was built on a vast plot of land in a picturesque corner of Poland. The surroundings are like a large park that encourages strolls.

The waterfront residence is 2,500 square metres in size. JMW Architects worked on its design for almost a year, from mid-2017 to mid-2019. The investor had high expectations of his dream place to live. So he organised a closed competition, thanks to which he decided on the concept of the Warsaw architects.

The very location of the building is unique. It is a large, green plot of land, much of which is covered by wetlands. On the one hand, the diversity of the plot is naturally attractive, but on the other hand, it required very thoughtful design solutions. The house was to have a swimming pool, a spa area or even a helipad and an underground garage for several cars.

The villa was built on an artificial hill. Three ponds have been designed around it. The first is stocked, the second allows swimming under natural conditions and the third is a viewing pond. A heavily glazed building has been created, from which the morning mists and picturesque sunsets can be viewed. The glazing is several metres high. Additional space for outdoor relaxation is provided by terraces that surround the building on the ground floor and a smaller one on the ground floor.

Completing the building is a pavilion on the water. This is a greenery-filled space that allows observation of the landscape even on frosty days. The area of the pavilion itself is 70 square metres. The pavilion is built in the middle of the viewing pond and is accessed by a picturesque winding walkway.

The architects have succeeded in blending the buildings into the surroundings. The buildings seem to be part of the landscape and the residents can enjoy peace and quiet. Summer evenings are lulled by birdsong.


About the studio:

JMW Architekci is an architectural studio based in Warsaw. It is made up of a team of architects who for over a decade have been creating exceptional commercial and residential spaces not only in Poland but also in other European countries. This is evidenced by numerous awards and publications in the media and their mission is to design buildings that are innovative, efficient and close to human nature. The JMW Architekci team focuses on a holistic and creative approach to each project. The architects analyse the needs and expectations of their clients so that the result of their work is a project that not only looks great, but is also fully functional and tailored to individual needs.

design: JMW Architekci(www.jmwarchitekci.pl)

photography: Piotr Krajewski(www.pkrajewski.pl)

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