Amaron Forma vinyl panels as an alternative to porcelain stoneware tiles

They make it possible to create a beautiful and durable floor like stoneware. The new Amaron Forma vinyl panels allow you to achieve a uniform surface effect. Their laying, thanks to the innovative 5G CROSS lock, does not require glue or the use of expensive cutting machines. The Arbiton brand has prepared a new collection in timeless shades of grey.

At the heart of the collection is the Arbiton technology, HD Mineral Core, providing unparalleled dimensional stability, water resistance and exceptional efficiency with underfloor heating – both water and electric (heating foils). Amaron Forma tiles are coated with a unique Antiscratch Titanium Nano Layer, which provides up to 30% more scratch resistance. Thanks to the strength of the locks and the increased scratch resistance, these floors are not only beautiful but also very durable.

Amaron Forma – infinite possibilities

AMARON FORMA from Arbiton is a collection of vinyl flooring that impresses with the look of porcelain stoneware tiles, yet allows for quick, hassle-free installation. The series offers 12 stunning tile shades in a 914 x 457 mm format. Each is equipped with the innovative 5G CROSS lock from Valinge. This unique system enables cross-laying, matching the four corners. These are the world’s first vinyl panels made entirely in Europe that have the ability to be laid in a way previously only known for ceramic tiles. They are the first tiles that can be laid without joints – with a click.

Amaron Forma is vinyl panelsthat have all the advantages of porcelain stoneware tiles, while eliminating their biggest disadvantage – the cost and difficulty of installation. The Amaron Forma collection is distinguished by its above-average strength, water resistance, high durability and ease of maintenance.

At the same time, thanks to the 5G Cross lock technology used, these panels are laid like stoneware tiles, but without the need for adhesives, primers or expensive cutting machines. You can lay this floor yourself without the help of a professional, and the effect will delight the most sophisticated aesthetes.

Concrete, marble, travertine in an unusual form

A top design, available in six different decors (Ribeira, Ninaventura, Lello, Braga, Aveiro and Amadora) and several shades (BONE, SILVER, GREY, GRAPHITE, ANTHRACITE). Prepared by European designers previously designing for top Italian tile manufacturers, drawing inspiration from stone, concrete and mixed materials. Amaron Forma’s colour scheme draws on natural stone and the season’s trendiest patterns. Amaron Forma vinyl tiles allow you to create a floor that impresses with the beauty of marble, concrete or precious natural travertine. All shades revolve around grey, which provides the perfect, unobtrusive background for any interior.

Amaron Forma – vinyl panels better than stoneware

Grey tiles work well in both modern and classic interiors. They also go well with industrial interiors, known for their vast spaces and unusual arrangements using brick, wood, stone and concrete.

The great advantage of the grey colour is its versatility. The domain of stoneware has always been to imitate different types of materials such as stone, wood or concrete. Natural materials have quite a few disadvantages in terms of use. They are fragile, easily damaged and very expensive. But stoneware itself is also not without its disadvantages. It is a cold material, not very pleasant to the touch. In addition, it takes a long time to install and requires a professional.

Therefore, a better alternative to grey stoneware is the new Amaron Forma collection of vinyl panels – beautiful, warm, practical and installation-friendly.

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