An old Masurian house in a new look. The interior has a unique atmosphere

Stepping inside, you can be transported back in time. The centuries-old Masurian house was renovated, but with respect for history. During the work, the roof tiles were cleaned and re-laid. There are more original elements here, and those that needed replacing, such as the floor, doors and furniture, were made from recycled planks. The project for the new interior design was prepared by architects from 2K Architektura.

This is an exceptionally picturesque location. The house presented here is located in the Mazury region, on a large plot of land surrounded by trees, in close proximity to a lake. No wonder it captivated the investors, who decided to create a summer resort here. This required extensive renovation. But such that – as the investors clearly emphasised – the house did not lose its former charm.

Hence the decision to conserve and restore everything possible, and to use natural materials characteristic of the region in those parts whose technical condition nonetheless called for replacement. The wood was supplied by Regalia, a company that sources its raw material from the demolition of old buildings. The wood therefore comes from places that could no longer be saved. As a result, it has an old surface, developed over decades by nature and old craftsmen.

The owners were generally satisfied with the original layout of the house, spread over 180 square metres of ground floor and usable attic. Some modifications made it possible to adapt this space to current standards.

We wrapped all the necessary functions around the core in the form of a staircase accessible from the hall. On the ground floor, a small but capacious wardrobe has been placed near the entrance. Here you can hang up your jacket and put away your wet wellingtons. Just around the corner is the kitchen, where shopping is conveniently brought in. The axis of the entrance is closed by the open dining room. In the other part of the house stretches the spacious living room. In the attic, in turn, there are two bedrooms and two bathrooms ,” reports arch. Katarzyna Malinowska, who, together with arch. Mateusz Nawrocki prepared the interior design.

One of the things that speaks of the house’s mettle from afar is the original roof tiles, which have been carefully cleaned and waterproofed and then re-laid on the renovated roof truss. The interiors, on the other hand, are a true rarity – historic box windows, restored and properly protected. They serve just as well as they did a century ago.

According to the wishes of the investors, the public rooms were to be opened up to one another. The aim here was, among other things, to provide wide views through the windows to all sides of the world in order to exploit the potential of the beautiful plot and even in the interiors to allow contact with the Masurian countryside.

The architectural story was written on the ceiling, which was completed in some places.

The historic ceiling beams, which are exposed throughout the ground floor, have been encased in old wood due to their rather irregular shapes and dimensions. So were the new joists . Inthis way, these elements create a coherent and visually attractive image and at the same time consistently point to the original construction of the building,” reveals Katarzyna Malinowska.

In the lobby, kitchen and ground floor bathroom, the attention is drawn to the brick floor. It was created with brick tiles that were obtained from demolished Prussian bricks. These tiles are characterised by very high hardness and low water absorption, so they are a good flooring material that will last for many years. The investors wanted the comfortable living space to include both a seating area and a comfortable dining area with a large table to gather family and friends. A large oak table with an oval top was therefore placed here.

Not wanting to create competition for it, we decided on chairs no longer in a wooden finish, but in primary colours. They add a bit of vibrancy to the interior,” explains Mateusz Nawrocki.

A very important element of the living room from the beginning was the fireplace, placed in the centre of the house and open to the two thrones. It was given a simple, modern form, but using old, restored tiles. Movable furnishings were treated on a par with such massive, unchanging design elements.

It is noteworthy that all these objects have a background of rubbed paint of a shade that is uniform throughout the house. This colour is the result of several attempts and lengthy discussions. It is complemented here by new window bands, matched in scale to the window sills and stylised radiators. The curtains placed in them are very delicate. When they hang, they bring energy and movement into the house. Stylized lamps, made of glass, clay, rattan and enamel, among other materials, play the role of discreet decorations.

The attic rooms are illuminated by windows that peep through the nearby trees.

In the bedrooms, we tried to keep things light. We wanted them not to be overwhelmed by furniture or cladding. We decided to open up the space right up to the roof slope. This gave a lot of breath ,’ points out Katarzyna Malinowska of 2K Architektura.

The volume of the interiors is emphasised by delicate lampshades hanging from the ridge. They are reminiscent of lanterns floating in the sky. A solid wooden bed provides comfortable sleeping arrangements. Clay lamps complete the character of the bedrooms. The materials used in the bathrooms continue the themes familiar to us from the ground floor.

The interiors of the Masurian house are an example of design consistency and respect for historical material. Much of the credit for this goes to the investors, who were determined to follow this formula, as well as the designers and contractors. Their joint work is a charming house, cosy and at the same time very comfortable.

Interior design: 2K Architecture

Author of photography and styling: Michal Przezdzik, Budzik Studio

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