Art installation at the Gate of Poznań. “Faith! Cho by the river”

The art installation at the Gate of Poznań was created to mark the 10th anniversary of one of the most distinctive contemporary buildings on the map of Poznań. The project “Faith! Cho nad rzekę” is intended to encourage people in Poznań to visit the Gate of Poznań and Ostrów Tumski, which is one of the most important places in the history of the capital of Wielkopolska, but also of the whole country.

For 10 years now, the inspiration for Poznań Gate has been Ostrów Tumski – a unique place that gave rise to the city and the country. Its ten centuries of existence have been filled with interesting characters and events, witnessed by the monuments that have been preserved to this day. The exhibition of Poland’s first Heritage Interpretation Centre, which uses words, images, light, colour and music, creates an atmosphere that allows visitors to travel back in time and discover the mysteries of the cathedral island.

During a visit to Poznań Gate, visitors can take an audio tour of Ostrów Tumski, which takes them through the most interesting monuments and interiors of Poland’s oldest cathedral. The River Cybina, which flows around Ostrów Tumski, witnessed the first chapters of their history. The Gate of Poznań, managed by the city’s cultural institution, the Poznań Heritage Centre, looks at the river and the plants and animals that inhabit it, while also observing it. The area itself is a paradise for lovers of active leisure and relaxation, offering walks, cycling and rollerblading, as well as the rich gastronomic offer of Poznań Śródka. The Gate of Poznań creates the best conditions for encounters with the past and nature, hoping that positive experiences will inspire visitors to continue their adventure with heritage.

One of the projects implemented by the Poznań Gate was the Open Call Island artist residency. This competition was aimed at selecting a design for an art installation whose location would be in close proximity to the site or directly affect it and its space. The basic idea was to involve the local community by inviting them to co-create it in a workshop. It also became important to emphasise the interrelationship between man and nature and to give the audience space to express themselves and reflect on the phenomenon of the site.

“As the design studio wemakethings, we had the incredible pleasure of realising an art installation just for the Gate of Poznań. When planning the installation, we had not only aesthetic, but also ecological and ideological considerations in mind. The materials used for “Faith! Cho by the river!” were selected with the welfare of our planet in mind. After the display period, each fish will find a home with its creator and any complementary elements will be recycled and reused. Thanks to LED technology, limited daylight hours and the right choice of components, the cost of energy consumption is less than £3 per day. At wemakethings, we were proud to harness the ingenuity, help and skills of the amazing workshop participants, closing the project’s implementation budget at PLN 5,000. Our installation was primarily intended to draw attention to the river ecosystems of the Warta and Cybina, which are a huge asset to the city of Poznan. Starting a discussion about their future and taking care of them is the duty of every Poznanian. The project was inspired by Poznań’s neon signs, which once lit up the city. When planning the idea that was to serve as the leitmotif of the project, we assumed that the river is life.” – say the authors of the installation

It was over them that settlements, villages and towns were located. Despite this, the Cybina even dries up in the summer; drought and lack of rainfall result in a low water table and virtually negligible current. Without water, the ecosystem disappears. The project “Faith! Cho by the river!” is an art installation concept whose main medium is light and a multitude of elements. The central idea was to create light elements together with workshop participants, the shapes of which are modelled on fish species native to the Warta and Cybina rivers. The project also aims to popularise knowledge of the aquatic ecosystem of these rivers and emphasises its importance, encouraging people to surround nature with respect. The location of the installation on the footbridge connecting Ostrów Tumski with Śródka, or more precisely Śluza Gallery with Poznań Gate, will cause the fish shapes to be reflected in the flowing water at night, creating the illusion of movement.

“It is a clear cry for help for nature and an emphasis on the importance of water for the world. The ‘Faith! Cho by the River’ not only draws attention to the life of the river, but also provides a social element, creating a new and unique community of momentary co-creation of public art. An amazing element is also the aspect of pride in a positive sense. Each of the authors had the opportunity to create unique art in a public space and say: “Look! That fish on the left is mine! His name is Pyrka, he’s a gudgeon and he lives in the Cybina.” – add

Michal Kościuk, founder of wemakethings has been designing since childhood. He earned his architecture degree from the University of Arts in Poznań and has been pursuing his dreams of creating unique spaces for years. He undertakes architectural projects, interiors, as well as art installations, carefully tailoring each project to his clients’ needs and lifestyles. His approach is based on a deep understanding of his clients and their everyday needs, which allows him to create not only beautiful, but above all functional and personal spaces. No matter who he designs for, his goal is to provide his clients with a place they can call their home. Michael designs for today, but always with an eye to the future.

The art installation at the Gate of Poznań operates daily from 21:30-23:00 from the Bishop Jordan Bridge in Poznań.

source: Press material / WE MAKE THINGS /

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