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Banialuka Puppet Theatre in Bielsko-Biała. This is what it will look like!

The results of the competition, which indicated what the new headquarters of the Banialuka Puppet Theatre Jerzy Zitzman with the branch of Książnica Beskidzka with its collections for children and young people, the so-called ‘Green Library’ in Bielsko-Biała, will look like, are now known. In the competition organised by SARP, the winning proposal was made by the P2PA studio.

The project prepared by P2PA architects appealed to the members of the competition jury, who indicated that the concept best met the requirements of the ordering party. The following were considered particularly valuable: the professional approach of the design team, the shaping of the public space – the square, which is connected to the nearby railway station and at the same time allows for continuous organisation of a market on its surface. The experts also drew attention to the architectural solutions of a timeless character (composition, shaping of masses and elevations and a clear hierarchy of entrances). In addition, they appreciated the proper solution of functions, in particular ensuring the proper functioning of the theatre’s technology and the clear communication layout of both the back and the audience area, including a multifunctional foyer, which creates an opportunity to create a space with a unique and recognisable character.

The architects’ concept is to move away from the classic arrangement of foyer / halls / back area. Instead, the studio proposes an alternative arrangement of the halls, with a foyer shaped like an auditorium in the middle, between the three halls. This arrangement is intended to make the dividing line between the theatre and the city undefined. In this way, the whole complex will become part of the urban fabric and will be accessible to residents on a daily basis.

An interesting procedure is to open up the space, which can be used as a summer stage. By completely folding down the façades and glazing the side walls, the space will be more accessible and fresh air will be provided.

The complex will be complemented by a library. Inside it, the architects have designed a multi-level, stepped lobby that leads users to the entrance area through the lending library to the café level inside the green roof garden.

A total of 33 designs were submitted for the competition. The judging panel awarded first, second and third prizes and four equivalent Honorable Mentions. The second prize went to the studio HEINLE, WISCHER UND PARTNER ARCHITEKCI and the third prize to PLUS3-ARCHITEKCI.

The Competition Jury:
1. Piotr Then – Chairman of the Competition Jury – Competition Judge SARP Bielsko-Biała
2. Adam Skrzypczyk – Referent Judge – Competition Judge SARP Katowice
3. Piotr Kubańda – Competition Judge SARP Bielsko-Biała (reserve judge in place of Judge
Andrzej Ptaszkiewicz)
4. Piotr Wróbel – Competition Judge SARP Cracow
5. Mariusz Błażewicz – Competition Judge SARP Częstochowa
6. Przemysław Kamiński – Judge from the side of the Employer
7. Magdalena Marek – Judge from the side of the Employer
8. Marcin Ulewicz – Judge on the part of the Employer
9. Jacek Popławski – Judge for the Contracting Authority
10. Łucja Ruchała – Judge for the Contracting Party

We are delighted that the competition attracted so much interest. More than 30 works submitted from home and abroad were characterised by the high level and professional approach of the design teams. We hope that the new building, with its contemporary architecture, will become an important landmark of the city. It is thanks to its exceptional architecture, among others, that Bielsko-Biała is now one of the four cities that qualified for the second stage of the competition for the title of the European Capital of Culture 2029. It was also another successful competition conducted by our branch of SARP for the City of Bielsko-Biała, which recognises that architectural competitions are definitely a better solution for the ordering party in terms of the quality of solutions received than tenders,” says Maciej Zuber, President of the Bielsko-Biała Branch of SARP.

source: competition organiser’s press materials, P2PA

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3rd place – PLUS3-ARCHITEKCI:

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