Beautiful and natural. Soap For Globe cosmetics

They are colourful, natural and biodegradable. The cosmetics of the Polish brand Soap For Globe are an example of a responsible approach to human body care. The cubes do not generate plastic and with their help you can clean your hair and skin. Such a cube can be successfully taken on holiday. The natural composition makes it possible to use it even in nature.

The SOAP FOR GLOBE formulas are safe, carefully developed and tested in cooperation with the best cosmetologists and dermatologists in Poland. The products use proven natural ingredients and synthetic substances in the form of complexes to guarantee the highest effectiveness and avoid the risk of irritation and allergic reactions. The shampoos foam beautifully and have a delicate fragrance (except for the hypoallergenic version), leaving hair clean and well-groomed from root to tip. The cleansing bars are filled with natural shea butter and oils and are pH matched to the skin’s natural pH. They gently cleanse and care for the skin, enhancing its natural beauty.

Soap for Globe is a brand of bar cosmetics that we want to draw consumers’ attention to their shared responsibility for the state of our environment and encourage them to change their gestures and reduce plastic in their daily lives. Soap for Globe’s cube cosmetics were born out of our genuine need: to create excellent hair and skin care, safe formulas that reduce the risk of allergies, and an aesthetically pleasing appearance – without plastic. We believe that reducing plastic in everyday life is necessary and convincing consumers to change their hair care gesture is possible when using a cube is synonymous with pleasure and beautiful hair,” says brand co-founder Anna Komierowska-Szweycer.

The Soap For Globe range includes shampoos, conditioners and cleansing cubes. The bar can be tailored to suit your needs, different hair types or different skin types.

The formulas are enriched with nourishing oils, plant extracts and carefully selected ingredients to nourish, moisturise and strengthen the hair. The shampoos are based on an original combination of mild surfactants to gently yet effectively cleanse the hair and scalp. Conditioners are the true essence of care – they contain nourishing shea and cocoa butters, vegetable oils, proteins and amino acids. Each cube lasts for approximately 60 uses (depending on the length and density of the hair).

The washing cubes contain nourishing shea butter and dedicated coconut, almond, sunflower and olive oils. The washing and exfoliating bar gently exfoliates the epidermis thanks to a volcanic rock. It makes the skin wonderfully smooth and renewed. Thanks to a pH close to the skin’s physiological pH, they do not dry out the skin but actually protect it. They cleanse the skin with a velvety lather based on mild surfactants, leaving it feeling pleasant to the touch, nourished, moisturised and soft, delicately scented. They contain no silicones, no parabens and are vegan. It is a zero waste, biodegradable cosmetic.

In addition to the properties, Soap For Globe’s trump card is the look of the cubes. Colourful and fragrant, they have won many industry awards.

Our products have been awarded the Must Have award in the Lodz Design Festival poll, appreciated by dermatologists, journalists and consumers. They are compact, convenient to use and ideal for travelling. Our range is very broad and addresses many skin and hair types, responding to a wide range of consumer needs. At the same time, one cube is enough for the whole family. We believe that together we have an impact and every cube makes a difference,” adds Anna Komierowska-Szweycer.

More information and cube collections can be found on the official website:

photos: Edyta Bartkiewicz

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