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Bistro Oliwa in Gdańsk. Here design meets taste

Bistro Oliwa is located in the building of the intimate complex “Oliwa 501”, just off Poczty Gdańska Street and Grunwaldzka Avenue. It is an attractive location close to Oliwa Park. The place was created on the initiative of the premium developer Moderny Holding and the renowned Polish patisserie Kaiser Patisserie. The colourful interior of the Bistro refers to the dishes served here. The designer Krystian Rassmus is the author of the interior design.

It is a new culinary haven in the Gdansk district. Bistro Oliwa is open from eight in the morning. In addition to tasty breakfasts, another feast awaits guests here. A feast for the eyes, served in the form of an elegant interior. The character of the place can be seen through the tall windows. In designing the interior, the architect drew on various motifs, which create a coherent space thanks to a well-thought-out colour scheme. The interior features two large, darkened copper-coloured mirrors framed in black steel, which give the restaurant depth and spaciousness. Other eye-catching objects are sconces made of brass sheeting, which are mounted on walnut-coloured wooden panels. The wall lamps subtly reflect the light, creating a warm and cosy atmosphere. A suitable mood has also been created with the light fittings. Numerous pendant lights in dark terracotta shades illuminate the premises and give it a modern aura.

The walls also merit attention. They are lined with La Fabricca Up tiles from the AVANA series in trendy three-dimensional shapes and in two colours. The sculptural form of the tiles brings a dynamic touch to the elegant décor.

The heart of the premises is the rounded buffet. It is distinguished by walnut-coloured wood and Italian terazzo in shades of red. Here you will find something for fans of sweets – cakes and sweet pastries. Just above the buffet, a shelf was hung with copper elements and panels of fluted glass. And under the legs, light walnut-coloured wooden panels have been placed. This combination harmonises with the rest of the furnishings to create a warm and cohesive interior. – The bistro is supposed to be like a good friend who does not change and always remains elegant,” says designer Krystian Rassmus.

Tables for guests have been arranged along the windows and in the depth of the premises. Here you can take a seat on the long, rounded sofas, which were designed especially for Bistro Oliwa. Made from a unique fabric, the sofas have wooden legs and a leather kiedra. The aforementioned windows bring plenty of natural light into the interior. They also frame views of the surroundings, which seem to penetrate inside. The copper colour of the building’s north façade is reflected in the decorative elements, such as the tin lamps of the premises.

There was no shortage of art either! On the walls hang stylised posters commissioned by acclaimed graphic artists Peter Lyczkowski and Dawid Ryski.

The toilet was designed with care. It is distinguished by a dark graphite colour scheme and elegant ceramics by Ciello and basin mixers by Trees. Their choice is intended to give the room a sense of luxury.

The surrounding nature of Oliva was the inspiration for creating a place where one can at least for a moment give respite to the senses. The garden patio belonging to the bistro is such an enclave, offering the opportunity to be outdoors. The patio’s lush vegetation creates clear divisions, so no one feels overwhelmed. Bistro Oliwa is a good place for business and social gatherings. Tri-City business centres headed by Olivia Business Center, where hundreds of employees of multinational corporations work, can find here a prestigious business space, tailored for negotiations or a quick business lunch.

The design of the premises corresponds to the appearance of the intimate “Oliwa 501” complex. It is a building whose aesthetics refers to old tenement houses. The design of the building was created by the Grupa 5 Architekci studio in cooperation with the Pomeranian Provincial Conservator of Monuments.

design: Krystian Rasmuss

source: Moderna Holding(

fot. Magdalena Łojewska – VEY Photography

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