Cheers to colours! Dorota Koziara designed the ‘Masovia’ collection for Tubądzin Group

The new ‘Masovia’ collection is a contemporary interpretation of the traditions and culture of Masovia. “Our folk tradition is an endless source of inspiration for me. It is the systems of signs, colours, patterns and sounds that I interpret in a contemporary way, drawing from them the qualities that are really most important to me,” – says Dorota Koziara.

‘After a lot of travel and research into the search for tradition, I became even more convinced that colour had a huge significance in our culture, and on top of that it was used boldly. In the past, we were very colourful. The bold colour combinations on façades, in interiors or even on fabrics and the intensity of the colour scheme are surprising. My new Masovia collection for the Tubądzin Group is a range of saturated deep colours: from navy blue, through shades of green, turquoise to deep burgundy or sunny colours of broken yellow ,” explains Dorota Koziara.

The strong colours have been studied in such a way that many of them can combine with others to create very colourful spaces or compositions.

Designs relating to the customs and culture of a particular country or region are guaranteed to create products embedded in the DNA of the place they come from. At the same time, they become an original novelty, a richness brought to the international arena,” says Dorota Koziara.

Dorota Koziara composes colour palettes in an excellent way in her designs. This time she has prepared intriguingly intense colours that bring energy into the interiors. The premiere of the collection took place at the Zachęta National Gallery of Art. This is where the Tubądzin Group inaugurated the Tubądzin Meets Art project last year.

This collection is full of deep, expressive shades. We want to introduce colour into interiors. So that it inspires and encourages action. It is a proposal for people who want to break the usual patterns and expose their personality,” says Amadeusz Kowalski, Vice-President of the Tubądzin Group.

Dorota Koziara

Masovia offers a wide range of design possibilities, allowing the creation of colour-saturated spaces or decorative compositions. High-quality glazes add depth to the colours, while the delicate structure on the tile surface diffuses light in an intriguing way. The ceramic tiles from the Masovia collection come in the format 8 cm x 30 cm and are available in 11 colours.

The premiere of the collection at Zachęta was accompanied by a ceramic workshop, where participants had the opportunity to discover which colours best express their interior.

source: Tubądzin Group

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