Clean with the help of augmented reality. What can the Dyson Gen5detect do?

Dyson unveils a new innovation, the Dyson CleanTrace augmented reality device, which visualises on-screen where you are cleaning in real time to enhance your vacuuming experience. Dedicated to the Dyson Gen5detect cordless hoover, the new Dyson CleanTrace device makes the invisible visible on your phone’s screen – highlighting areas already cleaned it points out those overlooked, thus showing proof of cleanliness in your home.

Research into cleaning behaviour shows that users tend to overestimate the time they spend cleaning and underestimate how thoroughly they do the job.

Spring cleaning can be a thankless task. Navigating under furniture and chair legs, moving between rooms and dodging our furry friends…. In such conditions, it’s easy to inadvertently skip areas or vacuum the same place repeatedly, reducing the effectiveness of the clean-up and wasting time.

Taking inspiration from the Dyson 360 Vis Nav robot’s systematic approach to cleaning, the new Dyson CleanTrace helps users clean more methodically by providing real-time AR visualisations of areas they’ve already cleaned and those they’ve skipped, solving the“have I cleaned there yet?” dilemma. Follow the purple cleaning path on your phone screen, live. Fill in the blanks to create colourful and satisfying evidence of thorough cleaning.

The new Dyson CleanTrace combines a combination of technologies for the most efficient, intelligent and thorough cleaning. LiDAR technology enables Dyson CleanTrace to map a room from the user’s phone and overlay cleaning paths with AR, showing where is cleaned and what has been missed. Once you’ve finished cleaning, you can scan your room with your phone to identify gaps in cleaning areas, so you never miss a spot. The Dyson Gen5detect hoover’s superior Piezo Sensor Technology acoustically detects and counts collected dust particles, showing proof of deep cleaning on the screen.

We realised that we could all learn something from our cleaning robots. Unlike humans, the Dyson robot knows where it is in the room, where it has been and where it still needs to go. With Dyson CleanTrace, we are adding this additional smart cleaning technology to the Gen5detect hoover. This allows you to see where you’ve cleaned and where you haven’t, which, combined with our Piezo Sensor Particle Detection Technology, gives you proof that the floor is really clean,” notes Charlie Park, vice president of engineering, Dyson Home

Ineffective cleaners

Dyson engineers are obsessed with developing ways to improve the way they clean. In addition to extensive laboratory testing, our experts study people’s cleaning behaviour and habits, as well as the resulting frustrations. They have spent hundreds of hours observing cleaning in homes around the world – studying the duration of each cleaning session, its effectiveness, different angles and vacuuming patterns, and even how many times the user puts the appliance down during a session.

Our research shows that consumers regularly overestimate the amount of time they spend cleaning – with data showing that around 80% of cleaning sessions last less than 10 minutes, and people claim to vacuum for an average of 24 minutes per session. What’s more, consumers are often inefficient – regularly and repeatedly cleaning the same areas and skipping other areas altogether, highlighting the need for the new Dyson CleanTrace.

Dyson CleanTrace™ will be available from the second half of June 2024.

source: press materials

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