Colourful posts have taken over Warsaw’s Praga district. This is the action “The power of yarn in Szmulki”

This is the fifth edition of this event. As part of the “Power of yarn in Szmulki” campaign in Warsaw’s Szmulki, ordinary street posts were given an original setting. Social workers knitted colourful clothes for them.

The event is being held at the initiative of the social organisation Moje Szmulki. It is formed by a team of urban activists who organise meetings and workshops devoted to the issues of the Michalow and Szmulowizna areas in Warsaw. The tangible results of these meetings include colourful posts.

The colourfully dressed posts can be seen on Kawęczyńska Street from Oficyna Burkego (26 Kawęczyńska Street) to Primary School No. 30. Each post has been dressed in a different textile garment. The unusual decorations were prepared by a group of residents from Szmulek and friends of the Punkt dla Pragi association. Participants in the free workshops learnt to crochet, and the colourful posts are the culmination of this learning and the effect of their imagination.

Walking along the street, you can see posts resembling fairy tale characters. There are also Warsaw motifs, such as the Little Mermaid, and those referring to the world of plants and animals. Still other poles resemble desserts or pasta dishes.

Why are the posts decorated? Introducing elements of art into public spaces is meant to stimulate curiosity and encourage attention to detail. It is the residents who have a say in how the street will look. Kawęczyńska is thus becoming a street that is meant to connect residents and make them care about it.

Kawęczyńska Street has a unique character reflecting the atmosphere of pre-war Prague. In 2021, its historic urban layout was entered in the register of monuments. The street is home to the monumental Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and a tram depot.

photos: Monika Margraf

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