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Contemporary art in the heart of Gdynia. Opening of the Tide gallery

The Tide is a new initiative that has been created in a modernist flat located in Gdynia’s Bankowiec at 3 Maja Street. The gallery will be home to male and female artists of contemporary art. The official opening will take place on 13 June this year, the inauguration will be accompanied by the exhibition ON AIR.

The Tide is an independent space that was created for authentic experience – unhurried, in an atmosphere of openness and reflection.

In the age of the disembodied internet, we want to be live and immersed in the human experience. In the midst of rapidly changing social and technological realities, we want art to remain a place for dialogue and a pretext for being attentive to what surrounds us. We create experiences in a real space, here and now, enabling encounters with art and with each other, the exchange of ideas, discussion and the clash of different ideas,” explain the gallery’s founders.

The initiators of Przypływ are Maciej Głogowski and Kacper Kowalski, whose aim was to create a space where it would be possible to promote contemporary art as a tool for better understanding the world and people. Their ambition is to integrate the artistic community, not only of the Tricity.

The gallery itself is located in the heart of Gdynia, an icon of modernism, Bankowiec. The entrance leads through a distinctive, stubby staircase with a soul. In the more than 100-square-metre flat from the interwar period, the original layout and finishing details have been preserved.

The characteristic space is a backdrop for gallery life.


During the inauguration of the gallery, an exhibition of photographs by Kacper Kowalski ON AIR will be presented. The opening will take place as early as 13 June from 18:00 to 21:00; the exhibition will last until 6 October. The photographer has been documenting the changing landscape from a bird’s-eye perspective for twenty-eight years. In the works, one can find the idea of the Tide – the changes that occur in us through changes in perspective, scale, rhythm, time.

Kacper Kowalski, an architect by training, combines in his works the analysis of landscapes with the form of abstract, harmonious compositions. His photographs are not only a documentation of the landscape, but above all emotions, impressions and reflections born during solitary flights. Kowalski’s works are reminiscent of maps, sketches full of layered information about the world, often presenting an abstract yet true picture of reality.

The ON AIR exhibition is an invitation to reflect on our environment and its transformations. Each photograph is a story that provokes questions and a search for new insights into the world around us. Kowalski states: “I am more interested in what I feel when I look than in what I see and know about the world. I look for the impression that remains in my imagination when I am no longer looking. It’s my ritual.”

Together, let’s dive into the tide of human experience and inspiration, discovering new perspectives.


kacper Kowalski ON AIRexhibition

curator Agata Abramowicz

13.06 – 06.10.2024

vernissage 13.06, 18:00 – 21:00

source: press materials

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