Cross of Heroes in Vyshhorod. The installation is intended to give hope

The modern sculpture was designed by Mykola Kabluka, a Ukrainian sculptor. The Cross of Heroes is a luminous installation that sparkles in the evening with hundreds of lamps. The sculpture was set up in a green corner of the city of Vyshhorod near Kyiv.

The Cross of Heroes is meant to symbolise hope and provide a space for reflection and remembrance. Its creator, Mykola Kabluka, specialises in creating installations in which the play of light is an important part. This is also the case with his latest work.

The installation was created in response to the war in Ukraine and the need to create places of solace and hope. The sculpture is the result of a combination of cutting-edge lighting technology, solids that give a spatial effect, sound and intriguing texture. The artist encourages the viewer to step inside the installation, only then do the set fragments and their indentations reveal the designed cross.

An interesting feature is the aforementioned sounds. Standing inside, one can hear recordings from various corners of the country: the hum of the steppes, the splash of the Black Sea water, the murmur of Carpathian streams and the sounds of the forest.

The sculpture presents itself differently at night. This is when a light installation of hundreds of tiny points is activated. These are mounted in the base and four arms of the sculpture.

The main idea is for the work to become a point of reflection, to give a sense of calm, to allow a transition to clear thoughts and states. This project above all carries the belief in something clear. Contemporary monumental art should be a reliable source of affirmation of life, not just a reminder of tragedy or a glorification of people or events, the artist explains.

photos: Andrey Avdeenko


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