Design in the garden. Kamila Szczawińska as the face of the MILOO HOME campaign

World-renowned Polish model Kamila Szczawińska has become the face of the latest campaign by the MILOO HOME brand. In line with the motto “Every Home Has a Story”, she opens up her home to us and encourages everyone to discover the magic of their own interior. It inspires us to create unique, personal spaces – equally practical and beautiful.

Photo shoots and commercials are an everyday occurrence for Kamila Szczawińska. However, this collaboration is of an unusual nature. Why? This time the model is exceptionally inviting us into her private space. She shows how she herself reaches for the values which are particularly important to MILOO HOME – elegance which harmonises with cosiness, and comfort which comes from functionality.

Natural beauty

The new campaign encourages people to discover the magic of their own homes and fill them with their own unique story. Just as Kamila herself does.

“For me, dawn is a time of discovery, when I find strength and hope in the rays of the rising sun. The furniture accompanies me like close friends, adding brightness to my everyday life,” says the film’s protagonist. “My space is a place where I can quiet my mind and fill my heart with peace. I discover the magic of true rest. Inspired by the harmony around me, I increasingly choose moments outside. I immerse myself in natural beauty and regenerate my body and soul.”

Personal design

Furniture, lamps and accessories from MILOO HOME’s extensive range help to compose such individual, very private spaces – at home and in the garden. In the artistic photo shoot by Daniel Korzewa, we see Kamila Szczawińska, among others, by the pool, on the Maje Sand round daybed. On the planked terrace, one can see a sofa, chaise longue, armchair and table from the same collection – woven from technorattan that faithfully imitates natural, but is rainproof.

In the depth of the garden, against the forest wall, armchairs, pouffes and tables from the Tongo collection stand on the grass. Here, modern forms are combined with innovative solutions, such as solar lighting built into the tables – at once atmospheric and practical, especially at some distance from the house.

The flowered meadow underlines the charm of the Peneco lounge furniture, which is distinguished by its use of natural, solid wood and corded braid. In the photos, we can also see Kamila Szczawińska relaxing in the Cocoon hanging rocking chair, which is understandably one of MILOO HOME’s absolute bestsellers in the warm season.

MILOO HOME is an exclusive brand offering designer furniture and accessories for the home and garden. Its range includes both modern, classic and industrial collections. Each of them, created in accordance with current trends, is characterised not only by excellent design, but also by the highest quality workmanship. MILOO HOME salons are located in the largest cities throughout Poland. The brand also sells online at

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