Dyson WashG1 hoover with active cleaning function

Dyson has unveiled its latest active floor cleaning device for hygienically cleaning large area hard floors. With a capacity of up to290m2, the Dyson WashG1 combines wetting, suction and extraction technologies to remove and automatically separate wet and dry dirt for a more hygienic service, thanks to a separate 1 litre clean water tank.

Wet floor cleaning is seen as a chore in many countries around the world, and as it is a tedious task, many solutions have been developed to help us do this. However, these solutions often fail to meet users’ expectations in terms of stain removal, dirt pick-up and end results. Dyson engineers solve problems ignored by others and continually take on the challenge of creating ever-improving technology. It is thanks to them that Dyson WashG1, our first ultra-fine, hygienic wet hard floor cleaning machine , was born,” highlights Charlie Park, vice president of Floorcare at Dyson.

Extremely absorbent high-speed brushes spin in opposite directions

Two independently powered high-rotating brushes spin in opposite directions and quickly and thoroughly remove stubborn stains, mopping with clean water throughout the cleaning process. twenty-six pulse points distribute water across them, evenly wetting them across the width to ensure even floor cleaning.

Both brushes are covered with ultra-dense microfibre containing 64,800 fibres per cm2. By evenly dampening the rollers with clean water, the machine effectively removes wet spots while picking up dirt and tough grime with dense fibres. Dyson engineers placed the brushes at the front and back of the machine so that contact between the cleaning surface and the soiled floor lasts longer and stains are removed quickly and effectively.

Innovative dirt separation technology enables hygienic handling

Dyson’s unique dirt separation technology separates dry dirt from dirty water, enabling hygienic, touch-free emptying of the machine. Thanks to the unique design of the plates located right next to the brushes, excess dirty water is drained away, while additional brushes with nylon bristles inside the unit remove the dirt and transfer it directly to the ejectable container.

The container is equipped with a 500-micrometre mesh that separates fine dirt from larger dirt. The emptying pump instantly discharges the dirty water into a special 0.8-litre container that does not receive large debris. The fact that dirt and debris remain in the head, while the dirty water is collected in a separate tank, allows the unit to be emptied hygienically. Both water tanks have large openings for easy maintenance and cleaning.

Once the floor has been mopped, the unit undergoes an automatic self-cleaning cycle in which both brushes and the other subsystems are thoroughly rinsed with clean water, ensuring readiness for the next cleaning.

Individual humidification adjustment allows the desired results to be achieved

The Dyson WashG1 and its 3-stage roll humidification control allows you to set the level of humidification according to the task and your preference: level 1, level 2 or level 3.

There are also three additional settings in each mode, so you can tailor your cleaning to your individual needs. In boost mode, activated by a separate button, both rollers are very intensively moistened, which is useful when stubborn dirt or dried-on stains need to be removed.

The effectiveness of stain removal depends on how wet the floor is and how intensely the cleaning surface is moved. ‘We’ve designed our machine so that users have full control over it and can clean efficiently ,‘ adds Charlie Park, vice president of Floorcare at Dyson.

Manoeuvrability and cleaning right to the edge

The Dyson WashG1 cleans thoroughly from edge to edge thanks to the fact that each of the two high-speed microfibre-coated brushes is equipped with its own motor.

For manoeuvrability, Dyson engineers aligned the two motors, which rotate at a constant speed to suit the selected dampness level, making it significantly easier to manoeuvre the machine during use. The special wheels familiar from the Dyson Omni-Glide hoover increase stability and provide additional support, while the low cleaning head allows for easy cleaning in harder-to-reach areas.

The Dyson WashG1™ Active Cleaning Cordless Vacuum Cleaner will be available to buy from day one for £2999 in the second half of the year from Dyson online and stationary shops.

source: press materials

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