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Edward Dwurnik’s mural in Oświęcim restored. Bravo!

Edward Dwurnik’s mural is located on Zamkowa Street in Oświęcim. The highly-regarded Polish artist’s work entitled ‘Kontrabasiści’ was created in 2011 as part of Life Festival Oświęcim. After several years, the mural had faded and lost its colourful dynamism for which Edward Dwurnik is famous. The artwork was restored thanks to the cooperation of a private investor who purchased the property and the city of Oświęcim.

The motif of people playing red double basses adorns the building on Zamkowa Street at the foot of the castle hill. The creator of the mural is one of the most recognisable artists of contemporary art, Edward Dwurnik. The work was created in 2011 as part of the Life Festival Oświęcim. Now, due to the owner’s redevelopment of the building, the mural has been renovated. The cosmetic work was financed by the city of Oświęcim. In turn, a private investor has illuminated the painting.

In Oświęcim, there is a unique collection of murals on buildings in various parts of the city. Most of them refer to the promotion of peace and tolerance, breaking down cultural barriers and stereotypes. All bear the signatures of the authors, who unveiled them during Life Festival Oświęcim. Most of the presented murals were created with financial support from the city. They form a trail of murals that is willingly traversed by tourists visiting Oświęcim.

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