Elegant and with taste. Presenting the interior by Studio Wajda!

Studio Wajda, led by Anna Wajda-Szczęsna, M.Sc., has just presented its latest interior, which was created according to the studio’s design. Elegant and with taste – this is how the created space can be described in a nutshell

The existing functional and spatial layout of the flat, with transitional rooms and a large, separate kitchen, did not meet the requirements of the new residents. The relatively spacious interior had to be adapted to meet the needs of a family of 2 2. One of the design guidelines was to convert the existing day-lit kitchen into a room for the children. Thanks to the flat’s location on the 1st floor, it was possible to bring all the installations to the new kitchen location, which is often not feasible in old townhouses

The kitchen was now to become part of the living area, the heart of the flat, an integral part of the elegant living room with a seating area and dining area. The kitchen therefore took on an elegant form with a kitchen island with a rounded, overhanging worktop on one side

The entire flat is divided by a spacious corridor into two zones. In the first zone, facing the street, there are two main, representative rooms, connected by a door. This space is occupied by a living area and a study for two-station remote working (with a guest room function). The new arrangement of the living room encourages socialising, especially since the clients use this flat temporarily, while permanently living abroad. It is worth noting that there is (and will be) no television in the flat. A terracotta-coloured sofa bed has been placed on the axis of the door connecting the two rooms, standing against a deep sea-coloured wall. The paintings hanging above the sofa, are particularly close to the residents, as they were painted by a family member, the painter Fritz Ketz

In the second zone, facing the courtyard, we have the parents’ bedroom, the children’s room and the bathroom. The children’s room, in the former kitchen room, houses the beautiful existing Klein ceiling. The character of the room is given by the wallpaper with the jungle motif, which goes on the wall with the door and on the door leaf itself. The wallpaper pattern was specially redesigned by the manufacturer and adapted to the height of the room. For the interior design, I selected furniture in light, natural materials,” explains the architect

In the parents’ bedroom, the main element is a large continental bed with a 180 cm wide mattress, which will accommodate both the parents and the children wandering around at night for some time. In the bedroom, we also have a row of wardrobes and an elegant sofa

The bathroom had to meet all the needs of the occupants and, despite its small footprint, both a shower and a small free-standing bathtub were designed into it. The designer concealed the gas cooker behind a furniture front matching the colour of the wall tiles. She also designed lockable cupboards for cosmetics and cleaning products

In the entrance area, the architects removed the suspended ceiling and restored the full height of the room (approx. 340 cm). Here, it was possible to design shallow cupboards with curved forms in order to take advantage of the considerable width of the corridor, but also not to disturb its proportions. A seat was created in one of the curved modules and decorative shelves in another

The project included the retention and renovation of the existing double-leaf interior doors. Two of the new doors were chosen by the designer as concealed-frame doors. On the one hand, they were intended to blend into the background as much as possible and, on the other, to provide a contrast to the existing decorative elements

Noteworthy, of course, is the existing stucco ceiling and ceiling rosettes

I decided to give the interior a strong accent by painting it in the same paint colour as the door. The layered oak floor, in a Hungarian fir pattern, from a Polish manufacturer, is impressive. All furniture is made of laminated or lacquered furniture boards. Some of the built-in furniture is the result of converting modular furniture from Ikea ,” adds the designer

The clients’ awareness, their sense of aesthetics and their openness made it possible to create a unique interior, the design and supervision of which for the architect was a designer’s delight

About the studio:
Studio Wajda – the founder and chief designer of Studio Wajda is Anna Wajda-Szczęsna, M.Sc., a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznań, majoring in Architecture and Urban Planning. She gained her professional experience, among others, in the Insomia architectural studio of Szymon Januszewski, where she worked from 2010 to 2020, and completed internships in, among others, Mexico and Spain. She obtained her building licence to design without limitations in architectural specialisation in 2017. More at: studiowajda.pl

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source: Studio Wajda(studiowajda.pl) / Photos: Natalia Manczak(https://www.instagram.com/manczaknatalia/)

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