Elegant flat in Krakow. Black rules here!

Although it does not fill the entire space, black definitely gives this interior character. The elegant flat is located in Wola Justowska in Kraków. This is a region of the city where there is a lot of greenery and it is close to the boulevards of the Ore Mountains.The “Calm Home” flat was designed by interior designers Beata Dębska-Mulawa and Małgorzata Koziana from the author’s studio “smukke design”

The result of the architects’ work is an interior with a coherent aesthetic, which has become an oasis of rest for the owner. Thanks to full trust, the intended effect of a minimalist interior full of light, cosy and soothing to the senses was achieved. Every detail was taken care of during the project. Character is provided by, warm walnut, a carefully selected colour palette and a sophisticated, timeless design. The living room is a combination of textures, lines and details, which, in combination with the Scandinavian flair, provide a sense of justifiable comfort. The restrained but sophisticated kitchen space provides room for imagination in creative cooking. On the other hand, the stylish, cosy and atmospheric dining room invites you to savour the here and now

The bedroom is also characterised by a minimalist design, with the difference that a Japanese design element has been added here. Harmony, balance, nobility and consistency of form reign here. The wallpaper is the only strong accent. The role of decoration is taken over by shapes centred around simple solids. The shutters also add to the atmosphere, while the light penetrating through them plays on the space, makes it dynamic and becomes a decorative element

Another room is the boy’s room, with muted colours, which can change as he grows up. The idea was that it should be calming, soothing, provide a sense of security and allow him to dream. The greatest recognition for the designers’ work on this room was the joy in the eyes of the special boy

The final room is the bathroom, which combines simplicity of form and minimalism in monochrome. The warm hue of American walnut, which runs through every space of the flat, also appears here. In this way, the designers have emphasised the impression of cohesion between the interior and the space, and the elegant flat will look good even many years from now

Authorial interior design studio “smukke design” – “Smukke” in Danish means beautiful and these are the interiors the designers want to create. The studio is formed by a duo of sisters with a shared passion and no style is a limitation for them. – With knowledge, experience, competence and a sense of humour, a smile and good energy, we create future interiors, the architects mention

photos: Polewany Photos(polewany.com)

design: Smukke Design(instagram.com/smukkedesign.pl)

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