Rodzinny apartament na Bielanach

Family flat in Bielany designed by Weronika Budzichowska

The family flat in Bielany, which was designed by architect Weronika Budzichowska of the To Be Design studio, is not only aesthetically pleasing and warm, but also functional. This was very important for the owners, as they often work remotely.

Located in Warsaw’s Bielany district, the flat is a private retreat for a family of four, who value above all their own company and love spending time together. She also finds herself perfectly at home in this part of the capital, which she has lived in for years. To combine the charm of being together with the beauty of the area, they chose a new flat literally in the block next door, on the top floor. As a result, moments spent together are made more pleasant by the views of the familiar and reassuring neighbourhood, but also of Warsaw itself.

The interior design was created with a young family in mind. Magda, Grzegorz, their two children, Kornelia and Maks, and their cat Gacek settled in this beautifully located place. The investors already knew the neighbourhood well. They had previously lived in the building next door and had been thinking about moving to a larger flat for some time, without leaving the neighbourhood. They fell in love with the green Bielany, full of restaurants, cafés, bookshops and parks. Previously, they had lived in a neighbouring block of flats, but needed more space. The current flat is on the fifteenth floor with a beautiful view of the neighbour hood,’ explains the architect responsible for the interior design, Weronika Budzichowska.

When working on the interior design, the architect did not want to impose a specific style on the space. The aim was to create a friendly and comfortable living space. It had to be cosy and use natural materials such as wood, linen and stone, which Magda, an advocate of a healthy lifestyle, particularly appreciates. For such a bunch, it was also important to provide functional solutions to make everyday life in the flat as comfortable as possible. Hence, the architect opted for a very clear division of the 120-square-metre space and muted, relaxing colours.

The flat is divided into two children’s rooms, a bedroom, two bathrooms and a common area, i.e. a living room with kitchen, offering a delightful view of the city. The interior therefore has a clear and legible layout. The kitchen is connected to the dining room and the living room. This is a large living area, which… deliberately lacks a TV. This part of the property is intended to encourage communal living and strengthen family ties. The open kitchen means that everyone can participate in their activities. Magda or Grzegorz cook, while the children do their homework and engage in conversation. There is also space to work.

The owners often work remotely, so it was important to create an ergonomic workspace. On the other hand, the common area is a place for relaxation and family gatherings. There is no TV in the living room – the household members spend time on the sofa, reading or playing board games. The latter activity fosters a deeper family bond,” explains the architect.

To give the interiors that much-needed cosiness, architect Weronika Budzichowska reached for wood, linen and white. As she reveals, this is a timeless colour palette, which is easy to complement with accessories. The latter add spice to the interior. In the living room, the energising brick sofas catch the eye, while in the kitchen area, a golden cooker hood catches the eye. The oak herringbone flooring and the oak fittings in the kitchen give the interior a cosy feel. This is the perfect backdrop for the ornate kitchen island, which is the heart of the home. The tall built-ins help to hide white goods and optically enlarge the space. Hanging metal shelves add lightness to the entire room. This is complemented by linen curtains that softly diffuse the daylight.

But that is not all. It was important to provide functional solutions to make daily life in the flat as comfortable as possible. One unique solution is the design of the bathroom door, which has been adapted to the needs of Gack the cat. In addition, a special enclosure for the litter tray was created to ensure his comfort. The designer has also created numerous storage areas to help keep things tidy. When asked about her favourite part of the flat, the architect points to the living room with the kitchen. The latter was awarded in the “Eaves at the heart of the kitchen” competition, because indeed, family life revolves around this island.

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About the studio:

The founder of To Be Design is Weronika Budzichowska, a graduate of the Interior Design Department at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. The designer has also completed postgraduate studies at the Institute of Industrial Design, Design Management. She has been running the To Be Design studio since 2014. – I value timeless classic style and elegance. The most important thing for me in the creative process is to combine the client’s needs with aesthetic and functional solutions. We carry out projects on the scale of individual private spaces as well as public buildings,” writes the architect on her website.

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