First ecological TBS housing estate in Poland. The investment is being built in Katowice

One of the most important investments of the Katowice Social Housing Association (KTBS) is under way at Kosmiczna Street in Katowice’s Giszowiec district. A housing estate is being built there, which will be the first in Poland so saturated with ecological solutions. The total cost of the project is around PLN 72 million and it is scheduled to be completed in December 2025. The estate for the Katowice TBS was designed by Kinga Bączyk and Magdalena Orzeł-Rurańska of the K3Xmore studio.

Work on the Kosmiczna Street housing estate is proceeding according to plan. Already in July, one of the seven buildings under construction will be completed. The Mayor of Katowice, Marcin Krupa, expressed his satisfaction with the progress to date, emphasising that the schedule did not require any changes. At the moment, the installation of window joinery has started in one of the buildings, which means that it will soon reach the raw closed state.

The Kosmiczna Street estate will be enriched with modern ecological technologies. KTBS has already introduced environmentally friendly solutions such as photovoltaic installations on the roofs of the buildings. At Kosmiczna Street, however, the scale of the solutions used will be much greater. In addition to standard photovoltaics, the estate will be equipped with ground and air heat pumps, eliminating the need for a connection to the district heating network. Rain gardens and rainwater recovery systems will appear on the estate. Parking spaces will be predominantly located in underground garages, allowing for the maximum reduction of vehicular traffic on the estate.

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The TBS housing estate under construction won a special award at last year’s PLGBC Green Building Awards 2023. In addition, the development received more than 42 million zlotys in government funding, including from the Development Plan programme, which required demonstration of compliance with the Do No Significant Harm principle. The development meets the requirements for non-renewable primary energy demand, not exceeding 52 kWh/(sq m/year).

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The development will feature seven three- and four-storey buildings with lifts, accommodating a total of 111 residential units of varying sizes. Future tenants will be able to choose from one-room flats, two-room units of up to 55sqm and four-room flats of 94sqm. All flats will have storage units and balconies, and those on the ground floor will have terraces or gardens. There will be a total of 167 parking spaces on the estate, 148 of which will be located in underground garages.

Source: Katowicka Agencja Wydawnicza

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