Flat in Gdansk with custom-made furniture

It is a modern space where every metre of space has been carefully designed. The flat is located in a new building in Gdańsk. Its interior design was prepared by architects from the Halupczok brand, which specialises in providing high-quality made-to-measure furnishings. Furniture of this brand can be found in every room here.

The flat is located in an attractive location. It is in the Stara Stocznia apartment building, which offers a view of the city panorama and the historical buildings of the shipyard. A married couple live here and have a space of 120 square metres at their disposal. The interior design was entrusted to experts from the Halupczok brand. The company supplies interior furniture that is tailored to the needs of the residents. Thanks to them, it is possible to furnish a house or flat that meets expectations to the greatest possible extent and makes the use of individual rooms more pleasant.

Joanna Dix, designer of Halupczok Furniture, first became aware of the investors’ needs. She decided to make changes to the functional layout proposed by the developer. The partition wall between the bedrooms was rebuilt to create space for built-in wardrobes. In addition, it was decided to hide the pillar in the living room, which became part of a practical piece of furniture – a decorative cabinet with a dressing table. Thanks to thoughtful design measures, numerous storage spaces were created to hide everyday items and make it easier to keep things tidy.

Overall, the flat consists of a living area, which is the living room with kitchen, dining area and toilet, and a private area. In addition to the master bedroom with a private bathroom, there are also two guest bedrooms, for which another bathroom has been created.

The investors had specific expectations. The interior had to be elegant, timeless and cosy at the same time, hence the warm colour scheme with a wood motif. A reference to nature can also be seen in the stone used here.

When furnishing the interior, cabinetry by Halupczok was used. The Polish manufacturer supplied all the fixed elements. These include, among others, a wardrobe-toilet, standing parallel to the table; wall casing made of lacquered panels with a concealed entrance to the bathroom; veneered radiator casing with a stone top; TV cabinet; coffee table; bookcase in the living room and cabinets – a wall unit with drawers under the washbasin and a cabinet in the toilet, a chest of drawers with a movable top, a bookcase on the wall and wardrobes in the guest bedrooms. In addition, Halupczok Furniture is responsible for making the veneered bed base, the standing bookcase with workspace in the bedroom and the furniture in the master bathroom.

However, the heart of the flat is the kitchen. Its thoughtful design makes it a place that will stand up to any kitchen challenge. The architects used furniture from the Ravenna and Milano collections by Halupczok. The former comes with veneered fronts (knotty oak on black MDF with an individually selected stain to match the colour of the parquet floor), while the latter uses varnished fronts on both sides. The kitchen island is decorated with Patagonia stone, and shelves made of the Capolavoro variety were placed just above the radiators. The noble materials give a feeling of luxury.

The furniture chosen in this way made it possible to maintain the colour consistency of the flat and to highlight the details. Worth noting is the veneered frame cut at a 45-degree angle. It appears in the display cabinets in the kitchen, in the hallway in the partitions and in the element surrounding the wardrobe or on the bookcase in the living room. A noteworthy detail is the natural bronze particles embedded in the varnish, which gently glitter on the fronts of the Ravenna collection cabinets.

Designed in Gdańsk, the flat gives the residents a sense of breath. The large surface area made it possible to arrange the furniture at an appropriate distance, which facilitates moving around the entire interior. The rooms have an elegant character, and thanks to the high-quality furnishings, the owners can forget about renovations and enjoy their dream flat for many years.

photos: Karol Bannach

source: Halupczok(www.meble-halupczok.pl)

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