Floos flowerbed from Bujnie. Invite nature into your home!

In an age of urbanisation and disappearing natural space, the interiors of our homes and workplaces can become a bastion of green, bringing peace of mind and stimulating creativity. As research shows, the presence of plants indoors can significantly improve air quality, reduce stress levels and increase overall life satisfaction. Here isthe innovative Floos flowerbed from Bujnie.

The Floos flowerbed is a breakthrough in the design of green spaces. The modular design allows for any configuration, adapting to both small flats and large public spaces. The ability to continually add elements, in the likeness of growing plants, offers not only aesthetic but also practical value, allowing plants to grow in optimal conditions.

Inspiration straight from nature

Floos is the creation of two outstanding designers Izabela Serej and Aleksanda Majdzik. It was inspired by nature itself and the process of budding, symbolising growth and regeneration. This metaphor of growth is not only deeply rooted in our psyche, but also provides an incentive to continually develop our spaces. The multiplication of the flowerbed modules encourages experimentation and adaptation, which fits in with the theory of self-efficacy, suggesting that interaction with space can contribute to better wellbeing.

The main idea behind the design was to create a modular system that could mimic the natural growth patterns of plants. TheFLOOS flowerbed consists of three basic elements: the flower-i.e. the metal shelf that serves as a place for the plant pot; the stem-which stabilises the structure and attaches it to the wall; and the Buds-which are the ends of the stems and connectors between the successive modules, the designers explain.

Quality and design

The Floos flowerbed can be freely combined to create individual and unique wall constructions to fit even the most demanding and inaccessible spaces.

The flowerbed itself is made of metal, powder-coated and, importantly, designed and manufactured in Poland! For its quality and workmanship, it has won the Good Design 2023 award from the Institute of Industrial Design as well as a nomination for the Silesian Thing of 2023!

Discover the magic of green spaces with the FLOOS flowerbed! Visit bujnie.co.uk and get inspired by how easily and effectively you can transform your interior into a lush oasis. As well as Floos, you’ll find lots of other flowerbeds and inspiration to help you bring joy into your life!

Find out more about the Floos collection at: https://bujnie.pl/kolekcje/kolekcja-floos. And in the shop: https://bujnie.pl/produkt/kwietniki-wiszace/kwietnik-floos.

source: www.bujnie.pl

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