Gdynia opts for minimalism. New information boards

Information boards have been installed on Kamienna Góra in Gdynia. They indicate the direction and distance to popular places visited by tourists. The boards have a simple shape and the inscriptions are placed on a white background.

The Board of Roads and Greenery in Gdynia is responsible for installing the new boards. They are part of the Urban Identification System, which consists of street and building signage. The project was developed as early as 2010 and has been consistently applied to new developments to date.

In recent weeks, 17 plaques have been installed, directing visitors to popular places in Gdynia. The boards can be seen on Kamienna Góra. They were mainly mounted on existing light poles and technical infrastructure. The oblong boards have a white background and the content has been printed in red letters. The larger font is the name of the place in Polish and the smaller in English. At the edge there is information about the distance of the location. There is also a simple graphic symbol on the board.

Such signposting is especially helpful for people visiting Gdynia for the first time. Thanks to the new elements of the System of City Identification, it will be easier to reach the Central Park, the “Śródmieście” beach, the Gdynia City Museum, the Seaside Boulevard or the v antagepoint on Kamienna Góra – says Bartłomiej Austen, Vice-President of Gdynia.

The chosen colour scheme of the boards, i.e. a white background with red lettering, is a reference to the post-war signposting of streets in Gdynia. We first wrote about it in 2023, when the Board of Roads and Greenery in Gdynia replaced a pylon with signs directing to selected facilities on Piłsudskiego Avenue.

We have also recently carried out a comprehensive replacement of the street name boards on Zwycięstwa Avenue, and we have also replaced some of the boards on Morska Street and in Śródmieście. The aim is to tidy up the public space. Street nameboards will also be replaced systematically in other parts of our city,” says Michał Felon, Director of the Roads and Greenery Management Board in Gdynia.

photo: M. Mielewski

source: Roads and Greenery Management in Gdynia(

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