Gdynia: renovate streets, distribute dug-up bushes to residents

The shrubs were dug up due to the ongoing reconstruction of the intersection of Rolnicza and Chwarznieńska streets. In order not to waste the green specimens, the city decided to distribute the plants to residents

All you had to do was turn up to the site and you could take a quince tree, a ligustrum or a stonecrop for your garden. The action was carried out on Tuesday, the eighth of July, on the escarpment at Rolnicza Street on the initiative of the City Gardener’s Department of Gdynia

Due to the reconstruction of the road system, the Chwarznieńska-Rolnicza intersection, it was necessary to plant out the shrubs. We dug them up together with the gentlemen from the contractor’s company. They were quince, ligustrum and quintuple. About 7 people came and were interested in these shrubs. Also, everyone took a few cuttings each and I think everyone is satisfied,” informs Szymon Śliwczyński from the Gardening Department of the City of Gdynia

The residents of Gdynia who came forward to receive the shrubs reported that they would plant them in their private gardens or allotments. Some of the plants ended up in public places in Orłowo. These are the quince and the quintuple, which were planted on the escarpment by the Żeromski House

This quince fits us for the area around Żeromski House and Zaciszna Street. We have such unplanted slopes there – and slopes always need to be reinforced with shrubs to prevent them from sliding – and we want to plant this in this area. At the same time, the shrubs will please the eyes of people walking by, because they are beautiful,” says Sławomir Kitowski, president of the Society of Friends of Orłowo

There are also new owners for the ligustrum, a shrub that can be up to 3 metres high. Its leaves are dark green and glossy on top. They are lighter and dull underneath. Ligustrum flowers in July and August and has small flowers and black fruits that are poisonous to humans

Quince, on the other hand, is a low, hardy shrub that can grow up to 1 m, with pretty glossy leaves. It flowers quite early in spring, with red flowers. Its yellow fruits resembling small apples are often used to make preserves. It likes to grow in warm, sunny or lightly shaded positions

The quintuplet is a shrub 30-120 cm tall. It flowers yellow from May to October, most abundantly in June and July. It is frost and drought tolerant. It is best to choose a sunny or slightly shaded position for it. In order for it to flower abundantly, it needs regular pruning every year

photo: Magdalena Śliżewska, source: City Hall in Gdynia

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