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Greenery instead of concrete in the square in front of the Zodiac pavilion. Work is already underway

The square in front of Warsaw’s Zodiak Architecture Pavilion, located at the Wiecha Passage, will soon undergo a significant metamorphosis. As part of a project aimed at greening and ecologically revitalising urban space, the area will become more friendly to residents and the environment. The initiative is part of the wider ‘New Warsaw Centre’ programme, which aims to improve the quality of life in the capital by introducing more greenery into public spaces.

According to the plan, much of the square will be ‘flattened’, which means removing some of the concrete paving and replacing it with greenery. Green islands will appear in the square, which will act as micro-ecosystems with a rainwater retention function. In the summer, the new plantings will not only provide shade but also cool the surroundings by evaporating water from the surface of the leaves. The square will be provided with habitats for birds and insects, adding to the biodiversity of the city centre. The choice of plants has been carefully considered to enhance the so-called ecosystem services, while minimising the cost of greenery maintenance. A retention basin will be created under the square to store rainwater, which will be used to irrigate the vegetation.

“Full of greenery and flowers, the nook in the vicinity of the ‘Zodiak’ café is no less popular than the café terrace” – photo taken from the weekly Stolica no. 24 (1175) 14.06.1970


“Soon the square in front of the Zodiac will change beyond recognition. In front of the pavilion we will plant 34 new trees, including birches and hornbeams, and all the elements of the existing landscaping, will be reused. I hope that thanks to the green metamorphosis and the new resting places, it will become one of the favourite meeting places in our city,” emphasises Rafał Trzaskowski, Mayor of Warsaw.

The square in front of the Zodiak pavilion now and after the metamorphosis. Photo: Bogdan JS/, Licence: CC-BY 4.0 and UM Warszawa

The square will continue to perform its current functions, such as exhibition, recreation and communication. There will be new seating areas, bicycle racks and space for café tables. Most importantly, the square will get a new layer in the form of groups of greenery with a woodland character. The revitalisation project has been designed by RS Architektura Krajobrazu studio. The changes in front of Zodiac are part of a wider project to transform public spaces in the centre of Warsaw. Reconstruction of Chmielna Street is currently underway, from Nowy Świat to Plac Pięciu Rogów, and on to the Wiecha Passage. Completion of the project to green the square in front of the Zodiac is planned for late autumn.

Photo: UM Warszawa

The aim of the transformation of Chmielna Street is to improve the quality of the pavement and introduce greenery, which will correspond with the green promenade on Chmielna. These pro-environmental changes aim to create a friendlier and healthier urban space that will serve the people of Warsaw for many years to come.

Source: WarsawCity Hall

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