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Hacjenda Kiekrz – Kasia and Szymon have given a 1970s dacha a second life. Take a look at these interiors!

There are those among us who have consciously chosen to do the difficult work of saving old houses and their surroundings. Renovating such a building is usually quite a challenge, but the reward is a space with history and soul. Kasia and Szymon decided to follow this path and save an unusual property located on the outskirts of Poznań, right by Lake Kierskie. Hacjenda Kiekrz (this is how the new owners named the renovated building) is available as a whole for short-term rental.

The couple had been dreaming of buying another house for a long time. They wanted it to be in a secluded area, preferably near a lake. They lived in Denmark on a daily basis, but Kasia persistently browsed through various offers of houses for sale in Poland. Finally, in the midst of the pandemonium, she came across some photos by chance in a small real estate agency. The building immediately captivated her with its arches on the terrace; moreover, it was located on a slope, right on the lake. Thinking little of it, the couple bought a bus and drove up from Copenhagen to see the house. On site, the dacha impressed them, above all with its original décor. They then started making a plan and after 15 minutes decided to buy, as there were many interested parties and they did not want to miss such an unusual opportunity.

Fot cosmoderna – Marcin Wojdak

The house on Lake Kierskie was built in the mid-1970s to a design by Poznań architect Piotr Namysła for a respected professor of neurology. The man dreamt up a Moorish cottage on a hill with a then unobstructed view of the picturesque lake. The professor found inspiration for the design on his many travels. He managed to meet a visionary architect who perfectly read and understood his dream of a dais in the middle of nature. Local materials were used to build the house and most of the design elements were custom-made.

Hacjenda Kiekrz
Fot cosmoderna – Marcin Wojdak

The original building took the form of a summer residence in imitation of those found in southern Europe. A characteristic element is the terrace with arcades and a panoramic view of the lake, as well as a large, completely glazed wall. Also inside, the motif of arches appears, as well as a wall covered with Andalusian ceramics that extends from the living room with fireplace to the terrace. At the heart of the house, the architect planned a garden with a fountain, which further emphasised its Mediterranean character. The furnishings were no different. This, too, was stylistically reminiscent of the south.

Fot cosmoderna – Marcin Wojdak

The more than 100-metre-high summer house served the professorial family for many years. She spent her most beautiful moments there, surrounded by nature and unique architecture. In the 1990s, however, there was a divorce, after which the building fell into the ownership of the wife. It was then that it started to become empty. The woman had a fondness for the house, but lacked the time, motivation and idea to develop such a large space. The property deteriorated and became overgrown, slowly losing its former charm. The property was then passed on to the professor’s daughters, and after the death of her father – the creator of the kierska dais – the family decided to sell it. It was not an easy decision but the only sensible one, so that the precious heirloom could be saved. It was then, in 2021, that Kasia and Simon appeared on the road of the house.

Photo cosmoderna – Marcin Wojdak

When the first positive emotions and admiration for their new acquisition subsided, the couple realised how much work needed to be done to restore the house to its former glory. The walls were wet, the windows and doors needed replacing, the plasterwork was well past its prime and the plumbing either had to be renewed or created from scratch. As a summer residence, the house had no heating. The couple decided to put everything on the line and stay in Kiekrz for a year to get a feel for the property, find their vision and inspiration.

After months of painstaking work, Hacjenda Kiekrz, as the new owners called it, is as beautiful as it was in its heyday. As part of the renovation, the plasterwork was replaced with new plaster, but with the restoration of its original structure, which was not easy and involved a long search for a suitable contractor. In the ivy-overgrown inner garden, Kasia and Simon discovered a fountain and bricks arranged in a decorative pattern. However, they decided to create a patio there with a glass roof in the form of an opening pyramid, which allowed plenty of daylight to enter. Unfortunately, in their vision, the garden was non-functional and the narrow corridors around it gave an overwhelming impression. Now the space is arranged as a dining room with kitchen, but despite the change in its former function, it is still the heart of the house.

Fot cosmoderna – Marcin Wojdak

The owners demolished many elements and created anew, while retaining as much of the building’s original character as possible. In addition, they replaced the warped windows, leaving one old one, however, as a reminder. The openings are still decorated with the original, renewed bent grilles. The doors inside the house needed to be repaired, so they were dismantled, restored and returned to their place. In addition, the owners refreshed all the decors, finishes and the characteristic ceramic wall. In addition, Hacjenda Kiekrz houses a mass of original furnishings. You will see here, among others, Moroccan-inspired lamps, cepelia, various gadgets from the 1970s and furniture, including a massive set of leather leisure furniture straight from communist Poland, consisting of a sofa and armchairs, and a heavy dining table made of solid wood. The interiors were completed with vintage-style furniture and ornaments that Kasia brought here.

Fot cosmoderna – Marcin Wojdak

The former owner of the house could not hide her emotion when she visited the summer property and saw how meticulously and respectfully the building had been renovated. These tears are the best proof that Kasia and Szymon have managed the task perfectly. The couple has fallen in love with Poznań and moved in with their children in one of the townhouses in Jeżyce.

Hacjenda Kiekrz is available as a whole for short-term rental. The owners also visit the house so that they can fill the interiors with the family atmosphere as they used to here years ago.

Website: slowhop.com – Hacjenda Kiekrz

Photos: cosmoderna and private materials of the family

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The building before the renovation. Photo: private materials of the family

Hacjenda Kiekrz after renovation

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