Harmony of minimalism and functionality. Elegant home interiors from under the todos.architekci dash

The interior design of a house in a village near Krakow was created in response to the investor’s specific expectations of strict minimalism – museum-like interiors with natural materials. The main idea was to create a coherent aesthetic, combining a minimalist body of the building (also designed by todos.architekci) with a comfortable and functional interior.

Natural materials and muted colours

The façade of the building is made of natural materials such as stone and wood, giving it an elegant and timeless character. The interiors of the house harmonise with the exterior form, maintained in a light, muted colour scheme. The textures of the materials used for the built-ins and the wall and floor finishes come to the fore. Wood, micro-cement and large-format stone finishes create a warm and cosy atmosphere, while muted colours – white, grey and beige – enhance the feeling of spaciousness.

Large glazing and functional solutions

Large windows in the main rooms open up the house to the surrounding greenery, connecting the living and private zones with nature. The investor wanted to create an open space conducive to relaxation and meetings with loved ones. The functional layout of the rooms and well-thought-out furniture ensure the comfort of everyday life. The work zone connected to the bedroom, dressing room and master bathroom creates a closed, private space for the main user. The kitchen, connected to the living room, has two zones – working and dining. The furniture cabinetry allows the workspace to be closed off according to the user’s needs, creating a clean and unified kitchen wall.

Subtle lighting and thoughtful details

The lighting in the house has been chosen to highlight the textures of the materials and create a cosy atmosphere. Subtle lamps and spotlights build mood and provide comfort. Thoughtful details, such as concealed furniture handles or seamless transitions between furniture boards and wall cladding, give the interior a cohesive and thoughtful feel.

A home that fits perfectly

The designed house and its interiors create a friendly and comfortable living space, ideally suited to the needs and requirements of the future inhabitants. The project by todos.architekci demonstrates that minimalism and functionality can go hand in hand, creating a harmonious and aesthetic whole.

Source: todos.architekci / todos.pl

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