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Here design meets functionality. These are the “VOX Stars”

“VOX Stars” is a series of furniture and furnishings that combine timeless design and functionality. Among them you will find cult items that the VOX brand has had in its offer for years.The designs were created by designers and stylists who paid attention not only to the appearance, but also kept in mind the useful functions

The ‘VOX Stars’ series consists of six objects, distinguished by their original design and clever functionalities. These are decorative interior elements that not only look good, but also have a positive impact on the lives of the household members

It is not only designers who work on the designs of VOX furniture and furnishings. In order to respond to users’ needs, the brand often draws on the opinions of ethnologists and psychologists, as well as the users themselves, thanks to which it better understands its customers’ habits. This includes organising the workspace or storage space that we all use every day. Which furnishings are worth paying attention to? We present the TOP 6:

Nature table. Everyday life revolves around this piece of furniture. The Nature table is a minimalist piece of furniture that features six drawers and a concealed metal niche. The table is made of oak wood and stained steel, and the designers from Studio Tabanda (Tomek Kempa, Megi Malinowska and Filip Ludka) are responsible for its design

The characteristic element of the furniture is the black metal recess that runs along its entire length. It is a space with universal functionality. It can be used to place herbs or spices at dinner and other various trinkets. A curiosity is the attached cap. It is made of heat-resistant metal, so hot dishes can be placed on it

A plus that we see in the design of the Nature table is the six drawers made of oak and plywood. This is extra storage space, so you can quickly remove unnecessary items from the table or have culinary accessories at hand. A laptop or other office accessories can be stored in such a drawer if you use the table as a work desk. You can find more information about the table HERE

Uppsala door. This is a product that was created for fans of minimalist solutions. The Uppsala door collection is distinguished by a vertical arrangement of lines referring to classic doors and delicate glass joints that give the object a visual lightness. The latter are available in two versions. The first uses glazing in white matt and the second in black matt. The latter will be ideal for black doors. Uppsala doors are also available in a rebate-free version – together with the frame, they form a smooth surface and the hinges are hidden and almost invisible when the door is closed. More information about the doors can be found HERE

Linerio laths. Decorating a wall with vertical panels is an interior trend. Thanks to the lamellas, you can give spaces the desired character – separate a place for work, rest or eating in the kitchen. Such decoration on the wall dampens the interior and helps eliminate reverberation. In the VOX offer, Linerio panels are available in three lines: S, M or L, which differ in width and depth of rungs and colours. Their versatility makes them suitable for use in both private interiors and office spaces. If properly selected, they will even decorate a representative lobby! Linerio slats are made of polystyrene. It is a light and durable raw material, thanks to which the lamellas are light, easy to cut and in case of dirt it is enough to wipe them with a damp cloth. It is worth noting that the material can be recycled. You can find more information about the lamellas by clicking HERE

Rigio floors. This series of floors is sure to appeal to interior designers. Ringo is available in 15 different designs that allow the floor to be decorated with both wood and concrete motifs. The main strengths of Ringo flooring are water resistance, durability and scratch resistance. Their design uses special joints to ensure watertightness. The rigid core, which is enriched with mineral fibre, contributes to the floors’ strength. All available Ringo floor colours can be found by clicking HERE

Simple desk. This is a product that can last for generations. The advantage of the desk is the possibility to personalise it. VOX allows you to choose both the colour of the body, the colour of the front, the legs or the handle. Therefore, the Simple desk can be successfully placed in any interior. An additional plus is the clever design. The furniture has a special height-adjustable pedestal, a capacious drawer in the central part and three drawers located on the right side. Esteemed people will appreciate the electrical strip, which is hidden in the back of the desk, under a hinged flap. You can read more about the desk HERE

Espumo skirting board. This is the last item in our list. The skirting board is characterised by its exceptional resistance to moisture and impact. This skirting board will be a good choice for finishing ceramic, vinyl and laminate floors. The product is available in six colours: anthracite, beige grey, white, black and light grey. More available variants can be found HERE

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