Hesu restaurant in Warsaw. Korean cuisine in a colourful edition

Located in the very centre of Warsaw, at 9/100 Oboźna St., the Hesu Restaurant specialises in Korean cuisine. The interior features colourful furniture and accessories that work on the senses as intensely as the flavours on the plate. The restaurant’s interior was designed by Aleksandra Mętlewicz and Maciej Jasina.

The architect duo decided to move away from the stereotypical perception of the interior design of Asian restaurants. Instead of relying on wooden elements, they decided to draw inspiration from the colour palette offered by that region of the world. – We wanted to play with associations rather than literalness,” says Aleksandra Mętlewicz. This boldness resulted in an interior full of life and energy, which at the same time is not overwhelming.

The owner of the establishment is also the chef, and the name of the restaurant ‘Hesu’ is a reference to the chef’s nickname. Hes runs Korean cuisine, but in his own unique style. These are not a full rendition of the classic flavours of Korean cuisine. The dishes served here are the result of the chef’s creativity and imagination, combining tradition with modernity. One example is… blue rice! Inspired by this approach to cooking, the architects decided on bold and unusual solutions.

The restaurant space was divided into three zones: one with small tables and two for larger groups. The heart of the restaurant is the wooden bar, which is crowned by a wavy ceiling in burgundy. Two large tables are set up next to it. One is cobalt blue and the other maroon. Other tables have an orange hue and add a positive energy to the interior.

The bathroom is also a prominent space. The architects heard the investor’s clear expectations. – Hes said: “I want a bathroom that looks like Juno Birch and The golden filter – Awards piece,” recalls Maciej Jasina. The bathroom is small, but full of colour, character and unique style.

The Hesu restaurant is a strong point on the culinary map of Warsaw. Its modern and colourful interiors are proof that bold colour combinations can create a harmonious and cosy space. It is a place where guests can experience sensations from a variety of senses.

photos: Almond Studio

design: Maciej Jasina and Aleksandra Mętlewicz(aleksandrametlewicz.com)

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