Willa Hilarego Majewskiego

Hilary Majewski’s villa in Lodz ready to open.

Hilary Majewski’s villa is one of the most important buildings in Lodz. The villa of the famous Lodz architect is located at Włókiennicza Street, which is currently undergoing redevelopment, which you can read about HERE. On the other hand, you can read about the renovation of other townhouses that stand on Włókiennicza Street HERE. The former residence of the urban architect – which he turned into a showcase for his talent – is soon to be open tothe public

The renovation of Hilary Majewski’s Villa was one of the most eagerly awaited, but also engaging, investments in the revitalisation programme, and conservationists have put a lot of work into restoring it to its splendour. The interiors impress with their wealth of ornamentation. During the main weekend of Lodz’s 600th anniversary celebrations, residents were able to see the renovated villa of the city’s architect in all its glory for the first time. The interiors of the residence were filled with the work of academics, doctoral students and students of the Faculty of Fine Arts and the Faculty of Design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź.

The effect of the reconstruction at Włókiennicza Street

The exhibition was very successful and crowds turned out for its opening. And this is precisely the function the city sees for the unique monument. The character of the tenement had already been changed from residential to commercial. It made no sense to keep council flats there, especially with the amount of work and funds put into restoring the edifice

The result of the redevelopment of Włókiennicza Street

Hilary Majewski’s villa is to be open to residents and tourists. It is to host exhibitions, workshops and urban activities. Therefore, it will not be leased for corporate headquarters or offices, but will most likely have a cultural function that will provide access for visitors

Who was Hilary Majewski? Born on 15 January 1838 in Radom. Polish architect, between 1872 and 1892 the city architect of Lodz and the city’s leading designer. With his realisations he shaped the appearance of Lodz that is still noticeable today. His most important Lodz realisations are: the industrial complex with many factory buildings of Izrael Poznański (now the Manufaktura shopping centre), the “Grand” hotel at 72 Piotrkowska Street, Franciszek Fischer’s house at 54 Piotrkowska Street, the villa of Matylda and Edward Herbst, now the “Księży Młyn” residence – a branch of the Museum of Art

source: UM Łódź / lodz.pl

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