Horizontal house near Poznań. The building has been inscribed into a natural slope.

A horizontal house designed by architects from AMJ Studio will be built near Poznań. The architects, comprising mgr inż. arch. Adam Jankowski and Kamil Paszek, M.Sc. arch. Kamil Paszek, M.Sc., proposed creating a single-storey villa, which, by being set in a natural slope, will allow the owners to gain privacy while at the same time integrating the building into the landscape.

The main idea was to expose the house and open it up scenically to the natural landscape of the lake. Interior and exterior intermingle to create a place ideal for living and relaxing. The Horizontal House has been inscribed into the natural slope, so that its body floats gently when viewed from the lake. The desired lightness of the architecture has been achieved, which stands out in an unusual way against the background of the surrounding nature. How do you like the horizontal house near Poznań by AMJ studio?

Project metrics
authors: mgr inż. arch. Adam Jankowski, M.Sc. arch. Kamil Paszek
location: wielkopolskie voivodship
usable area: 386,27 m²
private investor
year of the project: 2022-2023

About the studio
AMJ studio is a Poznan-based design studio founded in 2018. The studio’s activities focus on architecture and interior design. The architects focus on continuous improvement of the workshop, implementation of new technologies and design methods, which translates directly into the quality of the services provided. Respect for the context of a place and paying particular attention to detail are the most important values represented by AMJ studio. Development through the realisation of a passion for architecture is evident in the individual approach to each investor’s requirements. The architects focus on combining the functionality of the created space with the highest quality aesthetics. More information about the studio can be found here: w ww.amjstudio.pl

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