House in Janki near Warsaw with a modern interior

The design of its interior was created by the modullar studio.The house in Janki has been given a bright and minimalist space that suits the needs of the inhabitants

The single-family house in Janki was built for a married couple with a teenage son. Its floor area is 200 square metres. When preparing the interior design, the architects at modullar met the homeowners’ exacting expectations. The investors wanted a separate bathroom with a bathtub inside, and each of the residents to have their own corner for work and study

Minimalism and a streamlined form were important in the design. The architects opted for muted colours and natural materials – oak veneer in a flader pattern, quartz-granite worktops and large-format stoneware tiles

Every detail counted here. In order to hide some of the white goods, a built-in cabinet was used. In the kitchen, there are as many as two concealed fridges, including one with an internal ice-maker, and a wine refrigerator. The latter was placed in line with the oven and microwave. There are more clever solutions to conceal storage. One example is the under stairs storage. The numerous storage compartments make it easier to keep things tidy here

The kitchen annexe flows seamlessly into the corridor wall and continues through to the concealed door, which leads to the wc

In addition, the residents wanted a fireplace, so a bio-fireplace appeared in the interior, as the house was not designed for one

photo: Piotr Serbin, source: modullar(

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