House numbers as birdhouses. It’s a Polish project!

Numbird is a series of large, spacious numerals that are designed to serve as nesting boxes for birds. It is a family project by Nicolas Nicer (Nicer Design) and his father Paul Frej (Hibrands).

The duo received the Red Dot Concept Award for their project in 2021 and decided to put it into production.

Numbird is the result of intensive work, going in different directions and searching for optimal solutions, but also a fantastic experience we experienced on the way from concept to final product,’ say the designers.

Numbird nesting boxes are a response to the dynamic development of urban areas. This process has meant that many natural habitats have been destroyed. The population of small birds in particular has been severely disadvantaged by rapid urbanisation.

To help restore balance to our environment and to take a more empathetic view of the plight of our smaller brothers and sisters, we created Num bird,” they add.

Numbird is a collection of nest boxes in the shape of numbers, designed to mark street addresses in urban areas. By choosing the right combination of numbers and mounting them on the front of a building, you can invite local birds to share your space. An important aspect of the design is the possibility to assemble and mount the box together as a family. The designers also aimed to involve all residents of the house in the process.

Numbird birdhouses are made of waterproof plywood impregnated with natural oil. The package contains all the necessary components for quick and self-assembly.

source: Numbird

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