How to furnish a summer house? An idea from Studio Podrys

A summer house by a lake in the Wielkopolska region was designed by Magdalena Świerczyńska of Studio Podrys. The result is a modest and bright space where you can relax at any time of the year.

The architect’s task was to create a timeless and functional interior, which on the one hand will smuggle rural, rustic and boho atmosphere, and on the other will provide the household with all the comforts one can expect today. The interior should be conducive to relaxation, and not require more activity from the inhabitants. This is what the designer decided to achieve.

The owners of the house are a pair of lawyers who wanted to create a place for themselves that would be an oasis of calm after a week of intensive work. The house is intended to be relaxing and easy to clean, so the interior is simple and practical.

The house has a clear functional layout. The living area is located on the ground floor and consists of an open-plan kitchen, dining area and living room. This is where the household members spend most of their free time. This is especially true on cold evenings, when the fire from the cooker penetrates the interior pleasantly. Passing through the hallway and staircase, we reach the usable attic. The architect has designed a bedroom and a bathroom there. The second bathroom is located on the ground floor. In the latter, there is a large shower and the green colour appears.

The aforementioned staircase is the highlight of the interior. Their blue colour and the fluting of the side panels have a decorative function. The structure is visually warmed by the ashlar treads.

The use of a limited colour palette was intentional. The dominant colour here is white, which makes the house feel full of light. The kitchen stands out with its soft blue and navy blue worktop. The details are gold fittings and furniture handles.

The upstairs bedroom is finished with light-coloured floorboards. In a similar shade is the bed frame. The braid on the headrest and the boho-style lamp, which is the ‘dot over the i’ of the décor.

design: Studio Podrys

photos: Fifne foty

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