How to style women’s trainers for office work to look classy and stylish?

In the past, dressing for the office was associated with having to wear elegant, mostly not very comfortable shoes. Ballerinas or classic pumps were usually worn with a plain-coloured suit. Nowadays, however, most employers do not require such a rigid dress code, which creates perfect conditions for fashion experiments. The modifications especially concern footwear, so that it not only looks attractive, but also guarantees comfort when worn.

Sporty business style – is it possible?

Women’s trainers are increasingly being seen in the office. Thanks to their casual character and timeless design, they are the perfect match for both casual and slightly more formal outfits. They give the whole look a much more interesting character and make even a conservative work outfit look much more modern. Of course, you need to find a model that suits your taste and wardrobe. For this reason, it is worth taking a look at the CCC range. This shop stands out for its extremely wide selection of women’s shoes for every season. If you decide to take advantage of the online offer, you will be pleased to know that CCC has a friendly return policy should a particular pair of shoes prove to be insufficiently comfortable. If you prefer traditional shopping, there’s nothing stopping you from visiting a stationary showroom.

What are the best shoe colours to choose for the office?

If you choose to wear trainers to work, it’s usually best to avoid overly expressive colours or patterns. This is because such shoes can look overly extravagant. It’ s best to go for classic colours, such as black, white or navy blue, without prints or additional decorations. In this way, women’s trainers will not distract from the rest of your outfit, but instead complement it perfectly. They are meant to be an accessory rather than the main element of an outfit. It is also worth taking into account the company dress code, especially if you work in direct contact with customers.

Best material for office shoes

The average person spends 8 hours at work 5 days a week. For this reason, it is worth investing in footwear sewn from a material that ensures comfort and prevents chafing and discomfort when walking. Women’s leather trainers in particular deserve a special mention, as they are not only extremely comfortable, but also look elegant. Natural leather is characterised by impressive durability, so such a model can be worn even for years, and with proper and regular care will remain in almost unchanged condition. For the warm summer months, fabric trainers are the best choice – they are breathable and will provide full comfort even in the heat. In addition, they go perfectly with the smart casual style.

Slip-on trainers – what kind of shoes are they and do they suit the office?

Slip-on shoes are nothing more than slip-on trainers without laces. They are quick to put on and take off and are very comfortable. They go well with most summer outfits, and there’s nothing to stop you wearing them casually without socks – so they provide plenty of ventilation in hot weather. They come in a wide variety of designs and shades, making it easy to find the perfect pair for you. Are slip-on trainers the right choice for the office? Absolutely! Because of their simple cut, they can even be matched with a more formal wardrobe. To avoid disrupting the dress code, go for plain models in neutral colours.


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